Generals warning about Afghanistan ... chilling reading

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RRFHASBEEN, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. Here's a link to an article about Afghanisatn in today's Observer, I'd thoroughly recommend any Arrser with 10 mins to spare to read it, its fascinating and chilling reading.

    In short the British Army's top generals have warned that we are losing the war in Afghanistan and if that should happen then Lord Ashdown warns the result would be the collapse of the Pakistan government being replaced with a fundamentalist Islamist regime and a total war with the battlefield stretching from North Africa through the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan.,,2126817,00.html

  2. Good spot, 'RRFHASBEEN'. Noted that the House of Commons all-party Defence Select Committee's report on Afghanistan is due out this week.
  3. Scary...especially when you consider that Ashdown is ex-SBS, so is speaking from experiance the majority of politicians don't have.

    Why the fcuk don't people learn from history? One of the turning points of WWII was Hitler's decision to invade Russia, thus splitting his forces.

    The Yanks have made exactly the same mistake by invading Iraq before finishing the job in Afghanistan. And we followed them.
  4. Following today's news of more bomb attacks on Pakistan's security forces, the prospect of it spilling over into neighbouring countries looks inevitable.

    The Pakistani government(!) looks increasingly vulnerable and is regularly attacked from inside by some opportunist individuals who have no real alternatives themselves. Whilst the democratic politicians argue with the President, the radical muslim clerics and Taliban will try to step into the void.

    Meanwhile the West has surrendered any moral high ground by supporting a General who has effectively been a dictator for many years. If India steps in to "protect non-muslims in the disputed territories" then the makings of a major regional war. If western troops are in region then they will just get sucked into the conflict.
  5. Herrumph, I totally agree with you but sometimes for the sake of the greater good you have to do business with the devil. Whatever the Pakistan government may actually be its relationship with the UK has been fantastically important for "us" and, frankly, World peace. Whatever it may actually be, if it falls then the "freeworld" however you may think of it is, frankly, f*cked.


  6. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    The implications of a radical fundamentalistic Islamic Government that has a nuclear weapon capability NOW (Iran - not too long but not yet) is frightening. Let us just put the spin that an organisation leading such a country with access to such weapons (or have the possibility of 'losing' one to some group willing to use it) is frankly terrifying.

    I remember something about pulling tails on tigers whilst they are sleeping......
  7. Its another nail in the coffin of the Bush/Blair strategy in the global war on terror. The UK/US should never have invaded Iraq and should have concentrated their military and political efforts in Afghanistan to bring about the permanent destruction of the Taliban thus preventing Bin Ladin's fanatics room to operate. The Iraq war has been a life preserver for the Taliban and Al-qaeda as it took the pressure off them in Afghanistan and has been an excellent recruiting campagain for islamic jihad. A teenager with only the barest grip on international affairs could have predicted this yet the Bush/Blair governments walked right in it.
  8. For lads in Afghanstan. Their role is crucial. I believe UK troops in Iraq have now been down scaled to five an a half thousand from forty something. They are there out of the UK's loyalty to Basra.
    What I believe to be critical is the UK are not as interested in those white poppy seeds as they should be, and are trying the 'hearts and minds' approach first. I; as general, would be wanting names of warlords on a list with a tick box.

    Destabilisation of Afghanistan won't affect Pakistan.

    General Pervez Musharaf (Pakistans president) is fighting to keep the burning eye of the world off him because his intelligence agencies and other high fliers in the islamic world are not on his side. Ununited if there is such a word!
  9. Me thinks Lord Pantsdown doth exaggerate too much.

    The Paki government always raises the spectre of a fundamentalist takeover in order to court favour with nervous Western backers.
  10. yes unfortunatly Chimp boy and his poodle didnt have the barest grip of international affairs.

    The senior officer class's in both the US and UK puzzle palaces didnt think to run 'reality' past our dear enlightened leaders, nice one 'POD' enjoy your retirement!

    We are in the situation again of finding the enemy of my emeny is my friend about to bite us squarely in the ass, in Pakistan, while in Iraq we have no proper exit strategy circling the wagons is so making a big nice fat target!

    While in the Stan any advances made against the talibam tacticaly is being lost in the PR (if there dead they must be taliban) didnt work in nam and wont work there either and while some civ casulaties are unavoidable and force protections is something to be taken seriously, we said we are there to provide SECURITY and freedom of choice! Without aid to change from Poppy Farming why should they decide to change.

    If you say anything too protest at this terrible situation you are either seen as a Yank hater or a Muslim appologist :x
  11. Is this what your DFLP terrorist mates have told you to say ? spouting the party line eh ?
  12. In don't think Pakistand would wish and all out war with India, even the stupid fundamentals realise that they would be wiped out, nuclear or not. That would be like Japan deciding to have another go at China!!
  13. Pakistan and India fought themselves to a stadstill in the past if I remember correctly and then Pakistan stood alone. India will be looking to its borders with some concern now that Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan can feed Pakistan with fanatics.

    We did business with the devil before in the form of Saddam and look what happened!
  15. As my best mate is due to hit Stan later this year, I really am not happy about this. Not the possibilities of collapse so much as British leaders and politicians talking in such a half-arsed, morale-sapping and pessimistic way. Look if we know what we are doing then fine. If we don't fine pause two, get a grip but don't forget that we have guys out there, due to go out there and crucially who have died or been seriously injured out there. This is not a fecking Oxford Union debate, it is people's lives and the integrity of the Army at question.

    So get a grip and stp answering the flattering questions from the press, unless you bring more light than heat to the ongoing discussion. Sirs.