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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Irish_Gunner, May 19, 2007.

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  1. Hi.
    I've recently seen the CGS on the news wearing a light coloured service dress uniform. I have also seen other senior generals wearing a uniform like this in the past, and always thought it was a warm weather uniform. Can anyone tell me what the deal is with this.

  2. The deal is called climate change. It's feckin hot in London in the summer and there's no air conditioning. No 4 dress makes a lot of sense....
  3. Strikes me as similar to those people who wear jungle boots or tropical combats on exercise in Germany/Wales, whilst everyone else wears normal greens.

    = Look at me I'm special, I've been around, etc etc

  4. used to see officers who have returned back to the UK from fareast postings, wearing NO 6 dress in the barracks....and wear OG's "olive greens" on exercise..again in summertime.......most were in the rank of Lt Col and above!!!!
  5. It is comfortable, smart and free. You aren't really suprsied are you.
  6. How about - Because he can...

    Who's going to tell him that he shouldn't weat a particular uniform? You?
  7. Yes - where is his ginger suit?

    Has anyone got his number?
  8. 491436 DANNAT
  9. So it is in fact the tropical service dress uniform I've seen him wear?
  10. His boss? but it looks like when he's meeting her he wears the correct uniform.

  11. For those who have not/are not serving, this is quite common.

    I can forgive it when it is a very senior officer who is not accompanied by the men, but I do find it unforgiveable when there are troops on parade.

    The classic example was the D-Day 60 celebrations.

    Platoon commander types swanning around in lightweight summer uniforms because it was 'so hot' and yet the men were still in their ginger suits.

    If it was too hot for service dress I wonder what efforts these officers made to have their men provided with more suitable uniforms also.

    None would be my guess.

    Hardly inspirational leadership that puts the men first.
  12. But still cooler!
  13. weak adjt, weaker RSM
  14. HMTQ is up to speed on her dress regs, and you really don't want a letter saying that Her Majesty noted with great displeasure....

    Famous story (therefore possibly not true) of young officer on public duties invited at short notice to dine with Princess Margaret (Colonel in Chief and in residence at said Royal palace). Decided to wear a soft collar with his mess kit. PM (already knowing the answer) says 'I thought my officers wore starched collars with their mess kit', subbie (bluffing because he was only wearing a soft collar as he was slacking), 'oh we do ma'am, but only for special occasions...' then realised what he had said and waited for ground to open up and swallow him
  15. I'd fucking love to call a roll with him on it.

    Now then guys, answer your names, excuse rank, Dannat!

    Heard of it happening with Jackson once.