Generals at War

The local satellite TV has just started broadcasting a new series with the above title.
Bit of a disappointment, made for a US audience I will suggest.
The first was Monty V Rommel.
Erwin arrived and kicked the Brit out of Cyranaica.
No mention of all the well trained troops and quality equipment sent off to Greece and second rate troops with second line equipment being left behind.
Still lets give the program makes some credit.
They mentioned that rates of sickness between the opposing forces was massively different, the Germans having far higher figures.
They put this down to, Hygiene in the Field, as we used to call it.
Tommy dug and maintained far superior Kashi's, Bogs Toilets. Jerry just wandered off dropped his load and fed the fly's which walked all over his 'Brattys' and spread stomach infections. Erwin him self said to have suffered from this.
If true I am amazed that Jerry was not up to the mark on this matter.
The rations supplied to the troops was another revelation.
Tommy had the compo that so many of us remember and luvved.
In Late 60's we where getting Compo dated 43/44 said to old Overlord stocks excellent.
Fritz had 'Old Man' and a biscuit that made Hard tack on par with a digestive.
The Old Man was a meat that looked like Tuna Fish and was unappetizing.
The biscuit could break your teeth, terrifying stuff.
They explained that the Sherman was called the Tommy Cooker and the Ronson, due to it tendency to burst into flame, when hit but they never mentioned why the Panzer IV also running on Gasoline did not burn so
On the Medical side they showed the better British system for blood transfusion the Prepackaged bag.
The Germans Evidently, had the doner on one side next to the recipient.
A "Extraction Pump" was used to withdraw blood from the doner, a lever then changed over and the drawn blood was then injected into the wounded party. I had never seen or heard of this method before.
A British expert, I have seen him on several similar TV shows and he normally comes across well, was then used to explain the Superiority of the 88 Anti tank gun against the Brit 2 pounder.
This one baffled me.
A small quantity of gunpowder was use to blow 'UP' a beer barrel. This was said to represent a 2 Pounder.
A kilo and a half of Gunpowder was then used to represent the 88 and blow UP the same beer barrel.
That the 88 did throw the barrel about 20 ft in the air was given as proving it's superiority over the tiny 2 pounder which just bounced the barrel.
Not a good method of showing penetration of Armour in my opinion.
Look forward to further episodes which will no doubt Prove the Superiority of US forces.

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