Generalquarters - secret British military technology exposed

GQ, this is a secret training picture of the latest technology we have deployed in the gulf.

At the top of the picture you can see our newest gamma airship with cloaking device off.

Underneath you can see an unsuspecting RAF space command officer about to be eaten by a Mossad xeno-agent after forgetting to don his tinfoil anti-thought control hat in the morning.

Please don't tell anyone where you got this info - lives could be in danger.
Our 'great' leader isn't going to be happy now that the secret of of the "tinfoil anti-thought control hat is out of the bag! I mean, how's he going to keep the cabinet in check if they get their hands some of them?? :wink:
Thats all well and good PP (fook BLair), but I want my "Tinfoil anti-thought control hat" and I want it now !! Just gone 10 and my head is banging away like John Holmes.

Watch out ReptileLady, GQ has found out your real identity and will deploy his elite team of undercover anti-alien travelling players and choristers OASG (Officer Aviator Singing Group - not available for Bar Mitzvahs) to tackle you .

GQs Sonic Banjo was the only weapon stolen from the Reptile people's research labs capable of defeating the lizard menace.
Slagging GQ's idiocy, RunForrest wrote

(Officer Aviator Singing Group - not available for Bar Mitzvahs)
:lol: :lol: :lol:
Someone get me help - I can't stop laughing and think I have broken a rib!!!
AFDB!!!! What a hoot! If I'd not been there myself I'd never hav believed it! :lol:


One_of_the_strange said:
Tinfoil hats ?
I finally have my ARRSE tin foil hat adjusted and I think I am getting a super secret message from the alien Lizard people . . .

Impossible to bugger ARRSE at this time due to TangoWhiskeyAlphaTango in the way.

Developing . . .
GQ off to meet David Icke and the other Lizard people.

(the gloves were in the wash)
Generalquarters said:
Maybe your problem with "bandwith" is because the Israelis are monitoring your computer . . .
After some persuasion (and after I was sworn to silence) GQ explained to me about his secret battle honour and intention to publicise his alternative poppy appeal.

GQ was too late to rescue saucy Capt Cait from the clutches of the evil Reptilian Mossad PTI.
None of them spotted the Sun photographer in the bushes.



BlackHand said:
GQ off to meet David Icke and the other Lizard people.

(the gloves were in the wash)
Turned out I really needed those gloves. The lizard people are actually all from!

If I had those gloves on I would have missed the "submit" button and therefore would not heave sent the final offending item which got me banned and therefore I could have maintained my cover and continued reporting conspiracies directly from the source to you all.

Now the Lizard Lipped folk are all around us.

Developing . . .

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