General Zod Seeks US Presidency

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) -- General Zod launched his 2008 Presidential bid yesterday, greeted by a crowd of over 25,000.
"I am General Zod!" he bellowed, surveying the masses. "Listen to me, people of the Earth! Today I bring a new order to your planet! Your lands, your homes, your possessions, your very lives -- all of this and more you will gladly give to me! In return, I promise you lower taxes and cheap gas prices!"
The promise was met by wild cheers and a fanfare of balloons and confetti.
He continued: "It is as useless for you to deny me your vote as it is for me to annihilate you. You will only bring death and destruction upon yourselves, while I lose the potential products of your labor. In return for your vote, you will have my generous protection! In other words - you will be allowed to live.

"Zod kicks off campaign in Philly "
I thought Cheney said he wasn't going to run.
Dunno about you but I'd vote for him...he's positively libertarian compared to what the Septics have voted in in the past.
Wonder if he will have Ursa as his 'running mate'......


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