General Westmoreland

Love him or hate him, he was a significant player in the VietNam Era/War and served his country during a turbulent time..

General Westmoreland gone but not forgotten..

RIP old soldier...

Some years ago a neighbour passed away. It was an old lady who had quite a collection of pictures from ww1, ww2 and from the 1950s. Her relatives were not interested in that collection so they gave the photos, medals, field letters etc. to me.
Between all these memories I found this pic with the writing on the back:"Major Westmoreland 1952"



Being a young type, could someone direct me to a souce where I could learn more about this chap RIP.
Meaning no disrespect to the General, someone else passed away who probably deserves more attention than he will get. Someone whose contribution to war and victory, albeit an earlier version, will be, no doubt, a footnote in the history texts, rather than the chapter General Westmoreland's efforts will be given.

RIP and a salute to Charles Chibitty..

who he you say?

Charles was the last of the Comanche code talkers who used their native language against the Germans in WW2... less famous than their Pacific Theatre counterparts, the Navajo windtalkers, they provided a similar service in Europe...

although forbidden to speak his native tongue when growing up at school, his ' unique' language helped to ' win the war ' by confounding the NAZIs.. He volunteered in 1941 and landed on D-Day in Normandy serving until the end of hostilities..

" My language helped win the war and that makes me very proud...I wonder what the hell Hitler thought when he heard those strange noises." said Chibitty in aa 20002 interview... Gone from us at the age of 85..last of his kind...
Lets not forget Admiral Stockwell

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