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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Dickie999, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. Afternoon Guys,

    Im looking for some general use boots for work and walking as standard shoes are utter shite.

    i was thinking of getting the

    [h=1]Bates 5" Tactical Sport Boots[/h]from ukmc pro

    anyone reccomend these for 12+ hours a day on my feet at work?


  2. <Moving away, moving away>>
  3. When you say "work", what does that actually entail?
  4. YDS Eagle
  5. Budget up to £80-£100, i work in a shop in the warehouse. basically a skivvy but none stop on my feet. Dress shoes i were atm just kill, I alway do alot of walking with the dog so something decent to suit that too.
  6. anything Goliath Footwear, well within budget and a solid pair of boot all round
  7. The squaddies manufacturers of choice are Altberg, Mendl and Lowa, these are quite pricey though.
  8. Altbergs..
  9. Crocs
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  10. If you work in a warehouse, you should really be wearing steel-toe-cap boots. As these are Personal Protective Equipment, your employer should provide them free of charge or reimburse you for the cost of buying them. They can't get out of it, as it is the law.
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  11. Dunlop have decent safety boot range well within your budget & purpose, along with steel toe cap protection ensure you try them on for comfort especially if your in them for a 12 hour shift.
  12. Wellingtons!