General tips for careers office please! :|

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Steven2209, Feb 28, 2011.

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  1. Hello guys :)

    Im 16 and looking to go to the careers office to get everything rolling. I have done quite alot of research online and everything and im set to go. Just wanting some general tips because i am nervous as hell, it means alot to me so i really dont want to **** up my first impression. What should i dress like? Parent or no parent? What will happen when i walk through the door?

    Thanks :)
  2. Don't worry about it, for the most part the guys in the office are alright. Afterall they're recruiters, they won't bite your head off. If you've made an appointment, probably jeans and a poloshirt or something? A few times I've been in to the office I've just wore a nike jogging suit, they don't really care. I would say no parent, shows your independant and afterall it's your life and your potential career. When you walk in there'll most likely be a desk with a recruiter and he'll ask how he can help you, tell him your interested in joining the Army and he'll tell you to have a seat. The chats are very casual so honestly don't worry mate :)
  3. Arrive early, and wear something fairly smart, and no trainers. Don't be a mong, and don't wear jeans or a tracksuit or you'll look like a chav cock.
  4. Steven,

    When you walk into Careers office please make sure you know what type of job you like to do; Least what area. Remember when you enter that officer will take a note on how you present yourself.
    Don't wear baseball caps as that stops them seeing your lovely face when they buzz you in.

    Dress in semi-smart/casual. Jeans and Polo-shirt be adequate enough for this stage. DON'T WEAR TRACKIES, You anit at a sport complex so there no need!

    Parent - You don't have bring them now however you will need to bring them along due to your age. As you need there consent to joining up.

    Anyway, When you walk in remember all Careers Offices have Buzz access for security. So look for sign which says Buzz for access and push button!
    Once you got in, They normally be a Recruitment officer get up and say something like 'Hi My name Sam and How can I help you today' and you then say say something like 'Hi My name Steven and I interested in joining X Regiment or doing X Y Z' and You just started the dialog and your discuss jobs and roles.

    Each Recruiter will do things slightly different; They ment to sit you down and get some information but they might chat to about Roles and etc first then sit down and chat about Pay/Pension/BARB Test They defo talk about big FITNESS as that key in army. They also ask about your hobbies,Intrest and etc and what your doing at this moment (School/College/Work or Unemployed)

    Just remember that 'Sam' as been there and properly knows how you feel and 'Sam' will try make you relax and feel comfortable for you. They don't yet expect you to call them Cpl or Sir as you not really learnt the ranks yet, So don't stress about that.

    I know First time I walked into AFIO I was wee bit nervous but the guy really made me feel relaxed. However guy never asked any questions they more discussed role and then invited be back at a date and we have more of a meeting about the roles I picked and and any questions I had.

    Good luck and got any questions just fire here or the answer be somewhere on forms
  5. use the search function above......
  6. Turn off your phone!
    I've noticed they've got a lot more time for people who don't slouch about and say 'eh' when asked a question. Be polite and respectful (goes without saying really), maybe practice your handshake.
    I'd only ask a parent to go down if they're unsure and feel the need to pick their brains. Which I'm sure they will at your age.
    Wear what your comfortable in, it's a casual drop in to show your interest no need for the sharp suit yet :)
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