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Okay, don't laugh. Do any of you know any RAF mechanics or know much about the trade?

I know they repair and maintain RAF fire engines and landrovers but how in depth is it comared to a REME VM? Also do the RAF Regiment use tanks? If so do RAF mechanics maintain these too?

The general tech(raf mechanic)trade also have to maintain general ground based equipment like air compressors, generators and Air Con units. Does this mean the trade training is not as comprehensive and just skims over everything? Jack of all trades master or none?
Wasn't a techie type but all the generator type stuff was done by Ground Support Equipment guys. Were called something like Gen Tech GSE. All the MT type stuff was done by MT fitters. Not really sure about how they compare to REME VMs with regards to training etc.


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I was a gen tech ws (workshops) a long time ago 88-92. The role was more fabrication than mechanical ie sheetmetalwork, machining and welding with a six month course covering each phase followed by advanced courses after a period on station (usually st athan or henlow after pass out)


The MT tarde was scrapped and called general tech mechanical. This meant RAF mechanics had to re-train and learn about A/C units, compressors, generators, cranes, jacks, aswell as the VM stuff.

General tech workshop still exists and they are metalsmiths, welders, fabricators and engineers, they also use lathes and millers and make parts and componets for aircraft and whatever else the RAF need.


They don't have generals in the RAF, don't you mean Air Vice Marshall Technician?


Howlingmad said:
They don't have generals in the RAF, don't you mean Air Vice Marshall Technician?

I think you would mean 'Air Chief Marshal' Technician.


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