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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by jason123, Apr 27, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I'm considering joining the TA and so far all that I read sounds great....but, I'm a bit confused,

    I read that minimum sign up is three years, however it says on the FAQ's of this site: "But don't forget your priorities Family -> Work -> TA. If you can't fit it all in, drop the TA"

    How can you drop the TA if youve signed up for three years?

    I also read that minimum commitment is 19 - 27 days per year, and other places say minimum commitment is 19 - 27 days, as well as one weekend camp each month?

    Sorry to ask so much, but I see that the wage for new entrants is approx £35 per day, is a three hour training evening considered a day, do you get paid £35 for these evenings? And how much do you get payed for a weekend away?

    I'm sorry to ask so much, but I can't seem to find these answers anywhere and I don't want to sign up only to find out I dont ahve the time/money to be doing it.

    Any help would be great!!

    Cheers, Jason. (
  2. Jason,

    TA is part time, and voluntary. You can stop 'volunteering' any time you like.

    You will find that you will be expected to do somewhat more than the 'minimum' commitment

    Drop down to the nearest TA Centre and ask your questions there
  3. Ref pay:

    Training night = 1/4 days pay
    Weekend = 2 1/2 days pay
  4. so three hours training, is payed at a quarter of £35, ie £12 for three hours!?
  5. £35 divided by 4 equals £8.75
  6. my mistake lol, it does, so you get £8.75 for three hours? It seems like very little, I'm not sure I could afford to join, as I wolud have needed to drop my part time job as I'm a student too.
  7. Depends how much you want it.
    My Hubby manages it and we are both shift workers on different shifts with two kids to take into consideration.
  8. I'm a student as well mate and i seem to have more money than my mates with a "normal" job.

    Remember when you're away with the TA on a weekend you spend £0 while your mates will probably spend what? £15 on food over the weekend...£40 quid going out.. etc..etc..

    You'll also probably find you'll have much fun than they do as well. Plus the added benefits of improving your CV for when you leave uni, adventure training, driving license etc.
  9. Most don't join for the money, it's not high paid and it doesn't pretend to be. Tax free bounties and free courses more than make up for it.

    I passed my final stage of training last week, my unit then loaded me onto driving courses for everything imaginable, HGV, LGV, HAZMAT, motorcycle, trailer for car, minibus..

    You'll get more out of it than you think.
  10. Don't join for the money, that's for sure. But after a few years the Bounty starts to make it a bit harder to walk away...but you can leave at any time, no questions asked. So don't get stressed about the three years.

    Give it a go, it's the mates you'll make that make it all worthwhile. 26 years on and my best friends are the ones I first served with. You just don't get that in civvy street.
  11. It's like the man says, you don't join for the money. At least I didn't.

    The 2 weeks costs me about a grand a week, as I don't get paid by my employer for TA. In my eyes, it's worth every penny.

    Sign up and see you like it. If you don't, or can't afford to, jack it in. At least you would have found out for yourself.

    Good luck.
  12. Thanks for all the replies, they were really helpful and I'm def goin to give it a go, hopefully I'l be able to afford it!

    I think i was mostly stressin over bein tied in for three years, knowin i can leave at any time makes it alot easier.

    Thanks again!