Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by ViciousCircle, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. Who cares we should let the RLC manage it all

  2. Its been Poo for years and we've managed, so leave it be

  3. YES it needs some improvement but PLEASE, PLEASE dont involve me in the job !

  1. I have recently heard some real horror stories with regards to both the G4 support offered in the AMS and the general state of equipment and the management of said eqpt.

    I am also aware that the DGAMS has had a purge on G4 and the postings of last tour WO2's to RQMS positions is now a NO NO but is the overall condition of our G4 system really that bad ?

    Please discuss
  2. This is a whole AMS issue - it is the responsibility of all individuals to look after kit. Lets not give ourselves another kicking, VC we are getting better, go and bother someone else.
  3. We have never been better! Equipment Care, Med S IPT, MEDLOC have improved massively during my time.

    How much time used to be wasted in Fd Ambs checking I 12!
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    G4 in the AMS has never been given the correct focus, notin my time anyway. CO's/ 2IC's, didnt have a clue, especially if they were technicians or doctors. The ex MA/ CMT would have a handle on it but any half decent RQMS could bluff a BOO.

    QM's and RQ's always fought a losing battle from both ends, from support from AMD, the G4 chain was invariable manned by people who had no G4 foundations and any questions, queires and requests would slip through the cracks and never been seen again. I had requests for kit and additions to my ET in the G4 pipeline for years and never saw an upgrade, even up to the point when you lost the will to live waiting. From Units, which could not understand the day to day husbandry of kit; especially when high tech and high cost kit was dished out such as MTSF and such. These problems were never addressed.

    Also the RAMC didnt grasp the mechanics of simple tasks such as Boards of Officers, amalgamations of units, (such as the Fd Ambs to CSMR)- even when the "RLC for idiots" Book is on the shelf next to them- namely Material Regulations.

    The practice of putting last tour WO2's as RQMS should never be a problem as the proffesionalism of a Warrant Officer should be as it was on his first day.

    The idea of the RLC managing AMS kit, only needs the results from 9 Supply doing the Med Stores, highlighting.

    The choices in the poll are poor to say the least.
  5. Wont the medical Sqn's becoming TACON to the Bde's both provide better support and supply and ensure that Equip Maint is done correctly?

    Having been an unwanted cousin of 1CS in Munster i.e. Hohne, we always were back of the queue when it came to stores and would have to travel half of BFG to get our kit to find that someone 'with a greater need' had got their first.

    Hurrah to bringing back the AFA stylee Sqn's
  6. what would we do with the troops if 60% of their time wasnt taken up with equipment care?

    As much as I am loathed to say it - I agree with Venty - G4 is never taken seriously. But maintaining the kit needs to be a priority if we want to get out the hangar doors in a timely manner.
  7. Veh Maint is especially dear to me as you know BP20 but i gotta disagree in part. Its all about how its led from the top and the way it works is to explain to the troops that if they get it done right this time then it wont need to be done again. Where it goes wrong is people always moving the goal posts and the troops get pi$$ed off and end up not givin a sh1t after the tenth time of counting the same CES for example.

    How about some med work or career developing syuff? Exactly why people [the young 'uns] are hacked off (and this isnt about you cos i knew your last job).
  8. love u too deary

    we are all puppets - just depends on who pulls your strings as to which way you jump
  9. Its not just the kit that is an issue, we are still in the business of putting people into G4 posts who are not wanted elsewhere. I dont mean to sound negative to all those that have and do work in the G4 empire but I think most would agree that 2 or 3 pax in every QM's dept should actually be admin discharged because they are no use to man nor beast.

    Maybe the new structured career path of a CMT will eventually kick in and we will have individuals doing the G4 jobs because they want to. I do think it will be difficult to initially recruit young thrusting CMT Cpls' to work in the G4 environment by choice.

    However Napoleon did say that there are two ways to get soldiers to complete tasks and that is by fear or by interest so which one is it to be ?
  10. Its not often I say this, but Venty is spot on. Agree 100%
  11. If a WO cannot be posted as a RQMS to a TA Fd Hosp for his/her last two years this sends out a message that says "G4 is important" agreed.

    Although SSgt PSI's on either last two years or without any instructor qualifications can be posted to a TA Fd Hosp prior to deployment.


    Who cares about G3/G7 !
  13. The AMS have come on leaps and bounds, over the last few years, this is down to a number of reason.
    1. CO realising they are on a non starter if the G4 is not in place.
    2. Very good RQMS, who now realise that its another job that has been created, ie better promotion.
    3. The AMS has finally come on side with the RLC.
  14. Picking up on point 3 of the last post; I beleive that it is the RLC who are coming onside with Med. I was involved in the Med Log world when responsibility moved from SG's Dept as was to the DLO. The initial loggie bravado that our needs were as straighforward as any other commodity soon dissapeared when they began to realise that Med Mat was the most exacting commodity in the supply chain.

    We still have a long way to go. I'm not involved anymore, but I don't think we yet have a Med Annex to Mat Regs. Med Log is not dealt with on the all arms storeman or QM course and a driver still has to be trained to a highed level to transport cans of petrol around (HAZMAT) than he does to transport units of blood!

    Awareness is the start and that fact that Med G4 has provoked discussion here can only be a further step in the right direction!