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General Sports Nutrition


been plodding through various posts on nutrition and although everyone has lots of advice on suppliments (which, as an educated sort of chap I feel are too pricey with fairly dodgy evidence to support the majority of their claims) I havent managed to find much on a good menu/plan for general sports nutrition, when to eat/drink for which type of excercise etc. This is a vast gap in my knowledge and I really need to address it.
I am doing the Edinburgh Marathon in May as well as the Brooks Hell Runner later in the year with various misc bits and bobs for the TA (indeed I am a mere STAB).
My diet is okay but unstructured and I train for at least 60mins per day (longer at weekends) so wonder if anyone can advise on a decent plan or website/book source that is credible and cost effective (I am a porrige wog on a very low wage so anything under 50p is fine!).
Runners World is good but obviously biased towards running and various other sites are just jumped up adverts. Anyway, before this post becomes longer than my 1.5mile time I shall thank you for your gratious advice in advance.
There's a page on the crossfit website that talks about nutrition etc it starts with words "eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not bodyfat. "

It's not the black art that people imagine!

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