General Sir Mike Jackson

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Mongoose, Feb 10, 2005.

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  1. Popped into our mess tonight, and promptly dropped his pint... que chorus of "Why was he born..."

    :lol: :lol:
  2. and which mess, pray, might that be?

  3. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    How'd he take it?
  4. Quite well 8)

    Fred; suotc
  5. What a top bloke! And did he then stag on in the Mess until 2359 before shambling off to join the rest of you in whatever the Students' Union Wednesday night thrash is called these days?

    BTW - are the rumours true that SUOTC is about to become socially acceptable and get a new CO from ......The Royal Greenjackets???
  6. S for Sheffield btw and I dont think we'll ever be socially acceptable 8)

    And I have no idea about a new co ;o but if an OTC is a 2 year posting, ours must be due to move on soon.. I shall make enquiries

    And alas, Sir Mike didnt go to Juice !

  7. Careful - Jacko's a good boy.

    Dropped pint though :oops: :oops:
  8. Yes thank you for that blinding glimpse of the bleedin obvious - your avatar says more about you than you seem to think. Do you still have that maniac from the PWO as a PSI? I seem to recall he was on a crafty mix of speed, angry pills and pro-plus, with some swearing-enhancer chucked in for good measure.
  9. Well, whenever I mention SUOTC people tend to bang on about Southampton, and Im sure not everyone is as much of an expert on uotc cap badges as you ;)

    And alas that particular PSI has departed, to be replaced by an equally crazy one from the dukes
  10. Outstanding to hear, however, when is he going to come and witness the drinking/womanising ability of the aber rangers?? need someone high up to come and be put to shame by the people!!!

  11. That rumour about us getting a RGJ CO next year is going around the OTC too, I am inclined to believe it since some of the officers have backed it up and no one has said anything to the contrary.

    Shame actually, our current guy is ok. Incidentally, there is a viscious rumour going around that our RSM actually likes us!
  12. Wonder who started that :twisted:
  13. Now let me think....

    Though are RGJ socially acceptable? How popular are the Black Mafia nowadays?
  14. Now Now...

    The Fantasic Infantry PSI is neither Mad, nor Deranged in any way!

    The rumour mill has been churning about the Green Jacket CO, and I Belive it to be correct, which will be nice. A proper Capbadge around the place!

    And just to stir some tasteless humour into the pot, I am sure the Black Mafia are fully socially accepted, so long as your not danish!