General Sir Micheal Rose has his say!


General Rose, Former head of SF and UN Forces in Bosnia has  said in the Daily Mail, (There was no Daily Stars left today!) The Allies might find themselves short in defeating Saddam due to lack of manpower. He rightly says attackers need a ratio of 9:1 to fight OBUA and if the Iraqis decide to fight in the cities then you will end up with a Stalingrad scenario.

He likens the attack by Townsend in 1914, with 14,000 men that failed at Al Kut and the later assault by 60,000 men that succeeded. (This also produced the 56,000 CWGC graves in Iraq)

He also notes the TA that was there for such eventualities has been cut back to the bone by the Labour Government, who nows may want call on such a force it has been instrumental in drastically reducing its effectiveness.

Apparantly the US want the UK to send another 4,000 soldiers in support to there 40,000 soldiers of US 4th Inf Div. Not sure where we will get another Brigade from, probably 'Soldiers R Us!'  Come on BuffHoon sort that one out!


We always knew it would happen eventually. The politicians keep asking for more and more but this time the cupboard really is bare.


The cupboard is bare because the TA are being asked to:

1) Increase manpower from PE to WE
2) Battle Casualty In Theatre Replacements
3) Provide formed units for roulement
4) Provide formed units elsewhere e.g. Bosnia

We may be good, but we can't be in 4 places simultaneously


5) Do it cheaply.

6) Actually respond to mobilisation and not claim that you don't agree with the war, only joined up for the money, and Safeway will fire you if you go.
(Cheap shot, sorry.  Only applies to a tiny minority, but still....)
but the majority are out there and doing it, and you aren't. but still.......

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