General Service Respirator

Just seen an interesting article on the new GSR from Scott Health & Safety Ltd. It looks good - big visor, press-on filters, BOWMAN compatible - but it was a bit of a "party line" story.

Anyone got the real gen? What's it like and when's it coming into service?

Apparantly, and this is just a rumour of course, it wont fit under the Mark 6 helmet.


IdeasFactory said:
Just seen an interesting article... blah blah blah... BOWMAN compatible... blah blah blah
That's interesting. From what I hear, even Bowman isn't Bowman compatible. :lol:
It appears from this pic that it fits...



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Biscuits_Brown said:
It appears from this pic that it fits...

Is that a treasury issue rose tinted visor?
IdeasFactory said:
... big visor, press-on filters, ...
I have no knowledge of the said improved respirator, but from your comments I would be worried about two things.

Firstly, "big visor" would from experience tell me that although it would give good all round vision, it also makes firing a weapon accuratly difficult. That is unless they have come up with some really ingenious design that is.

Secondly, "press-on fillter" sets off alarm bells in my head. If something is 'press-on', by it's very nature it is also 'pull-off'. Not a great idea when the item that can be pulled off is keeping you alive and you are moving through undergrowth, climbing in and out of hatches and doing anything else appart from sitting down and being very still.

But then, what does my opinion matter?
Plant-Pilot said:
Secondly, "press-on fillter" sets off alarm bells in my head. If something is 'press-on', by it's very nature it is also 'pull-off'.
or more likely 'fall-off'
A mate worked on the whole development side of it. He reckons it does the job exceedingly well. They had a lot of input from all areas, inc JNBC, NBC School etc. He is a pro guy with mucho practical experience. I'll trust him until I get issued with one.
Here's the press release

MOD Awards Contract for New General Service Respirator

UK troops are to get the most advanced and effective respirator in the world to protect them from chemical and biological warfare agents in a contract announced today by the Ministry of Defence.

Prototype General Service Respirator undergoing trials
Scott Health and Safety were awarded the £40m contract for the development and manufacture of the General Service Respirator (GSR) after a competitive assessment phase. In the region of 25 jobs are expected to be sustained or created at their Skelmersdale base.

Lord Bach, Minister for Defence Procurement said:

"This new respirator is no mere gas mask. It will give our troops an unparalleled level of protection from all manner of threats - from biological and chemical weaponry to industrial chemicals and other hazardous airborne materials.

"As well as providing the very best in protection, this new GSR has been designed to work in harmony with existing kit such as the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical protection suit. It is very effective but still lightweight and has been made with the safety and comfort of our troops in mind, ensuring they are protected from attack while still being able to carry out their normal duties.

"This project is a good example of an innovative UK scientific and industrial base working with agencies of the MOD - including the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) and the Defence Procurement Agency (DPA) - to develop world-beating equipment.
"A respirator can be uncomfortable to wear, reduce your field of vision and make using other equipment, such as weapons, difficult. A key part of the programme was addressing these issues, and the new GSR will be an improvement in every respect on anything else available in the world.

"And the fact that this programme will create or sustain in the region of 25 jobs in Skelmersdale is more good news."

The respirator uses new technologies in the air filter and seal system developed by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) under an MOD sponsored research programme.

These developments were passed to industry who integrated them into working prototypes that have been extensively tested, both in the laboratory and in the field, to ensure the new GSR can be used with weapons and other equipment, while remaining comfortable to wear for extended periods.

The GSR will be issued to all Service personnel and entitled civilians from 2007.

GSR will replace the in-service S10 respirator and will be fully compatible with other current and future items of Individual Protection Equipment (IPE), such as the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Suit.

The GSR programme includes an associated test system to ensure that every respirator is correctly sized and fitted and that it provides the required protection. This will be done at unit level by trained NBC Instructors.

The NBC Defence Integrated Project Team at the Defence Procurement Agency (DPA) is led by Col Andy Pedder and manages a range of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Defence equipment programmes from Detection and Identification, Physical Protection, and Hazard Management to Warning and Reporting.
To be fair to the blokes who are designing this, there's only so much you can do to make it easier to operate out of, I don't expect any major improvements, maybe just a bit more comfort.


I think I have seen one - wasn't that Cav officer wearing one in the picture of him in the rubber bondage suit that was printed in the News of the Screws not so long back??
Hi Guys

My name is Troy Baker, I am the director of the company that designed and developed the mask with and for Scott.

There are a number of released images now available of the masks but for those of you who want a quick fix visit some of the images are big!

I have also put a clipping from the paper about us.

If you have any questions let me know but remember I cant answer everything!


Troy Baker[/img]
Please tell me you can drink faster than 2ml a min (or so it feels) with the straw unlike the current S10 where you will die of thirst or resort to emergency drinking drills.

Firstly thanks for coming by. Not often we get the designers of systems popping their heads over the parapet :D

One question , do I get a more air coming in through the filter , than the S10?

How does your mask compare on prolonged wear as well?

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