General Service Corps Cap Bage for Soldiers Under Training


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The official British Army Blog (on my FB page) has a blog by a Soldier Under Training (SuT). (Whatever next?) Anyway in the accompanying photo he is pictured wearing a blue beret and General Service Corps badge. Is this the norm for SuT. When do they badge to their Regiments and Corps?
The beret on the lass (next blog back) appears to be the same one... could they be putting the GS capbadge on to avoid iding the capbadge of the soldier int he pick and thus making the blog appeal to a wider audience of viewers?
All recruits are issued with the General Service Corps Capbadge and beret (Not sure about ITC though, whether they still use crap hats). After the recruits pass off the square they are entitled to wear the capbadge and headress of their chosen regiment, battalion or corps.
I you cut about Pirbright long enough you will notice that that have a phased adoption of unit dress, as stated above they were the generic GSC capbadge, then their Corps badge followed by TRF and Stable Belt much later on.

In the RA it goes further than that, when they arrive at Phase 2 training at Larkhill they then adopt thier particular Regt dress code (Bde/Div patch, rank slide, etc), this means in some cases they will get an RA capbadge and stable belt at ATR but may have to swap for RHA versions when they arrive at Larkers, beret as well if they go 7 RHA.


Recruits (not SUTs anymore!) wear a general service capbadge with a blue beret at the start of training. Once they have passed their drill test in week seven, they are awarded their chosen beret and capbadge in front of their families at the end of that week.


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