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General Schwartzkopf dead

RIP that General.

I must say I have had a place in my heart for Norman ever since he made the comment: "Going to war without the French is like going deer hunting without your accordion."
Yes he will dingerr... every veteran here can have one if they wish no matter how long since they retired.
If he selected Arlington it will be the full dress ceremony with horse and caisson. Regrettably many veterans only get a military funeral comprised of several octogenarian members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars or American Legion and a boom box to play Taps.

I make it a point to attend every veteran's (regardless of service) funeral in my area that I can in dress blues to present the flag to the survivor(s) since we are in a remote area and the military assets for more formal services are often unavailable.
Had steak n eggs with the guy at Dharhan airbase feeder in 1990 chatted as a human being and left the table leaving us feeling invincible, a true Leader of men.
He went with us to Grenada, and had us ready with his planning for Desert Storm when it kicked off. Not many cared for his troops as deeply or as visibly as "Stormin' Norman." He, arguably, was our greatest modern General, and will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace, Sir. Condolences to Brenda and the family.
My F-I-L passed away just over a year ago. He had served 3 years in the US Army, 40 odd years ago. He still had a military funeral. The local American Legion turned out, with firing party, and the Honor Guard Commander presented my M-I-L the flag.
And we sir, are by comparison left embarrassed regarding the loyalty differences that obviously exist between our two country's governments regarding their veterans community.

A 100 hour ground war to ceasefire is a tuff act to follow, but there again General Norman Schwartzkopf was a hell of a general and a true inspiration for others to follow.

RIP Sir. :salut:

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