General questions?

Hey there i'm Michael i'm 19 and have been seriously thinking about joining the army.

The main reasons i want to join is the fact that you travel the world, make friends for life and the varied lifestyle.

I was wandering if someone could help me in my choice of career im not asking for a exact answer but just some general help like point me in the right direction etc.

Well ill give you my 5 choices and why.

1. Infantry - the fact that you dont know what happening next makes all that exciting, but then again when i finally leave the army i dont want to be working in mcdonalds (this is what i been told).

2. Driver - As ill get all my licenses which will help me out later on in life with my careers, but you do all the solider training but then you might never use it :( .

3. Dog handler - I love dogs but i know this is a very demanding career and there will be tons of people who will have a better chance then me like have experience with working with dogs i have tried the kennels near me for work experience but got no replies.

4.Paratrooper - Sounds like a exciting career, but the training sounds immensely hard, yeah i know that if you train hard enough you can do anything but i really want to sign up and help my country as soon as i can.

5. Mechanic - I done mechanics in college and got all my qualifications which i know will help me get into this career, but it does not appeal to me as much as the others do.

Well im lost and dont have a clue which career to choose from also if you could say what you did and why, you might help me out in my choice of career.

Thank you so much and god bless you all! :)
Have you actually gone in to an Army Careers Information Office yet, and had a chat with them? Might not be a question of what you think you may like, but rather what you're suitable for and what's currently available.
Go and visit your local Army Carears Office, or whatever it's called these days. You can find it in the phone book or search on line for it. Tell them about your self, just as you have done here, and ask them your questions. you should get better answers and advice from them. This forum is likely to throw up quite a bit of piss-taking which can be good for a chuckle but isn't very helpful to you.
Yeah I have had a chat, and I have done my BARB test and got a high score so i have a wide range of choices, and they are currently recruiting all trades.

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