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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by gaaaary, Jul 23, 2010.

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  1. Right first off I want to apologise in advance for anything I'm about to say sounding really daft but they're honest questions I want answers to.

    First off, I had an application in a while back to go Infantry, done all my tests, did 2nd interview, decided it wasn't for me and it's now been pulled (willing to admit this was very immature).

    I'm going to college in August to do an Intermediate 2 grade Electrical course which will ofcourse require an apprenticeship after it.
    I keep hearing about Army Apprenticeships but I'm unsure as to what actually happens, do you go & stay somewhere like training, do your training/apprenticeship then go straight into the Army? I know I have the grades to do an Advanced Apprenticeship but what is the selection process like?

    If I'm unable to get an Army Apprenticeship (this next bit may sound really daft) i'd still like to apply to say, RE, REME, RLC etc. But would my pulling of my previous application be held against me?

    Lastly with regards to REME, the criteria to join the REME is a 3 in Maths, English and a Science-based subject. I have a 2 in English, a 3 in Maths but a 4 in my Science. As I'm doing an Electrical course this year and if I joined the REME I'd be looking to become an Electronics Technician, would my Int2 Electrical override my low grade in my science?

    Once again I'm sorry if this seems daft, but thank you.
  2. all depends on your GCSE's...and about you pulling out last time?!?! why should they believe that your serious this time? Thats not for me to comment on but you've got to prove to the recruiter that you aint just going to drop out AGAIN!
  3. Why not look at RE Electrician?

    It's a soldier first trade second, you have to want to be in the army I guess almost as much as the trade. I'm going in as Electrician in the RE and yeh you do basic training (like everyone) then phase2 I will do all my trade training, not sure what the qualifications are by the end of it but it's like a 35week course
  4. I completely agree. While it doesn't excuse my immaturity, I had alot going on at home & couldn't give my Army application the attention it deserved. I always had the desire to join but it just wasn't the right time. I definetely agree I'm going to need to prove it to the recruiter however.

    I'll definetely be looking into that, thankyou. The only reason I ask about REME is because of the critiera to join but RE will definetely be something I put down as one of my 3 choices if it comes to that :).
  5. does any body no any one who has got in the army with a c grade ? inbox me please asap
  6. Theres a couple of lads on here who passed ADSC with a C and have a date for training.
  7. Any more answers?
  8. I wanted to join the infantry so applied, selected etc and then pulled my application.
    I then decided I wanted to join the royal signals, so I went back and asked about how my withdrawal affected my chances. The recruiter said that the army, in it's modern organisation, is absolutely fed up of people who join the Army, realise it's not what they want to do, and then have to go through either:
    •*transferring a soldier, or
    •*having a soldier learn, and do, a trade that they don't really want to do.

    In either case, it costs the army money - either through re-training, or through having less-functional manpower.

    They would much rather you flagged up your change of heart early before they've committed money and time to you, than flag it late once they've already spent. Make sense?

    [unimportant information, but in case somebody feels the need to ask]
    As the tale goes, I didn't get very far on second application, busted my knee up at selection and got told to hang fire 3 years and try again. On the way out, somebody mentioned if I went down the local TA unit and didn't tell them about my knee, they wouldn't ask. And it all went downhill from there...


    [/unimportant information, but in case somebody feels the need to ask]
  9. I fully understand what I did was immature and silly. However am I right in saying that they could possibly give me another chance?
  10. Oh you're the mong that just keeps on giving, please keep posting tales of your inadequacy and failure they brighten my day.

    You reek of shitcunt.
  11. Don't like 'em? Don't read 'em.
  12. lol im so glad im 1000% sure that the army is the only job for me & im 1000% sure i wana be apart of my regiment's history & represent it. i genualy feel sorry for all you 80-20%, 60-40% people

  13. Couldn't of thought of a perfecter way to word it, I feel exactly the same, I can't see how people join not totally commited and raring to go, some people just join as a half assed last effort to do something in life :/
  14. Wait until you've done 4 weeks and the DAOR window opens before being so confident lads. I've got no personal doubt in the both of you but you can imagine the people who have said the same thing in the past, then got out when the door was open.

    Having said that, I have absolutely no intention whatsoever of leaving once I'm in. Can't predict the future though and who knows what could happen.
  15. Yeh I feel the same, I'm not going to be confident in anything till I pass out tbh, anything can happen, more worryingly ... injury.

    But I feel like that is the only thing that can stop me passing out, and I'll have to be injured for the rest of my life to not give it another go.

    Anyway, enough of the doom and gloom. I'll just go day to day and give my best (even if it is rubbish) each day, because you never know tomorrow might be your best :)

    I'm half expecting a thread from will in 3weeks with the title.. DAOR oopss haha.

    I've seen people so committed drop out before, even for the people that see it as a "last resort" how do you know they won't get in and think this is class!