If l am in theatre now and am a loggie spec but wd like to outside the wire
on operation and the rest of my unit do l go about transfering to a unit that fights ???
I'd imagine you smash out your current tour, get POTL out fo the way, then ask for a re-trade to 'something that fights'...

failing that next time you see the chinooks lining up for an Op, just grab your gat and jump on in a Black Hawk Down/shit hit the fan get on the humvee sort of stylee.
just want to get out of stores is all.....getting the run around
Try asking stacker1 he must have done it, if he hasn't he can put in a word in for you with his buddys in the SF world and "fix it" for you!

TBH I think if your already deployed it may be a little late for a change, but never say never I suppose.
Just do yer job sonny. Going outside ain't big and it ain't clever. What would your family say? Leave it to the blokes who are paid to do that and support them in what you do instead.
No need to go outside the wire and get shot at to claim PTSD and then desert, just claim that your forklift driving caused PTSD like Joe Glenton did.
As an RLC Log Spec, your training for Afghan compares the to training of an Infantry Soldier in what way ?

Myself as a Sup Co... Log Spec knows that I would be a hindrance and liability to Combat Ops without a long process of Inf training, If on the other hand, you speak to your troopy and try and get on a Field Protection detail ie. travelling with the convoy's for bit of experience, this may help, but in no way with you be able to re-trade in the field, wait until you are back in your unit lines efore trying that.

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