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I wish to protest about maninblack/porridge_gun/sixty/forastero/insert name of mod...

They have PM'd me/ignored my PM/read my my PMs/challenged me to a fight/not responded to my challenge to a meeting at the Traf/ruined my barbecued eggs...

I got ROPs for being ginger/stupid/crayoning/a sock puppet/using abusive language in CA/posting a 20 year old picture of a current user/taking the piss out of deltics/not liking THAT rifle....

I have a perfect right to call MiT/TID/steven seagull/verticalgyro/Jarrod/Sluggy/JoeyDeacon/insert User Name a cnut/prick/pond life/civilian/hat/fat turd/STAB/ARAB because they didn't agree with me....

I am going to protest to the CO's/leave the site/create 47 new sock puppets/start a campaign to get moderators elected/write to the Daily Mail/sue the site...

The site is boring/not what it used to be/full of civilians/full of people who left service 20 years ago/full of old farts...

So you can fuck off/grow up/grow a pair/stop crying about it/join Mumsnet....

[Insert User name].


Should save a lot of time when starting new threads.



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