General Petraeus - Sunday Telegraph Person of the Year 2007


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There are plenty of brave figures thrust into the limelight who handled themselves with dignity, such as Gillian Gibbons, the teacher jailed in Sudan; the Glasgow airport luggage-handler John Smeaton; and Kate and Gerry McCann.
WTF have two irresponsible parents have for us to look up to as Persons of the Year?
Gen P. is a very bright chap. For a while there it was looking like each extra pip on a US generals shoulders knocked 20 points off the IQ.

Yer man Yon comments here.
Good choice from the Telegraph. After that cowardly attack against him by in their advert last year, I was glad to see Gen Petraeus recognised for what he has achieved with the surge in Iraq. I've always admired Gen Petraeus both for his efforts with the surge and also in Mosul. Going back to 2003, I can't help but wonder if the outcome in Mosul and possibly other regions in Iraq may have been different had Rumsfield not made the decision to replace the 101st Airborne with a Stryker Brigade in Mosul. The counterinsurgency methods appeared to have been working at the time and progress was being made in that region. When the 101st was pulled out and replaced with only a quarter of the troops patrolling from armoured vehicles, it's no wonder the insurgents returned and the Iraqis lost faith.

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