General Petraeus for President?


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seaweed said:

Personally I don't think this will hapen as whichever party might want him will have too many unscrupulous greedy politicos grafting for the nomination.

Now a woman President .. Sarah Palin .. mmm ..
Only partly agree, I think the Reps would welcome him with open arms as he would be the one candidate that would be acceptable to the Rep grass-roots and to the mainstream. I don't don't think he'll run though, and certainly not in 2012: he's currently head of CENTCOM and after that is looking at reaching the peak by becoming Chairman of the Joint Chiefs - that would keep him busy till 2016.
Unfortunately I think he's way too political for the job.

Look at FM 3-24, it's practically a commie tract.
It's understandable, but just a re-run of when the Septics wanted that Clarke fella to be "pressdnt" Remember him? The fella who wanted to run off the Ivans and to whom your man Jackson remarked: "I'm not going to start Were Wore Three because of you"? Just because he's been able to bluff everybody into believing he's a rufty-tufty fella doesn't mean that he's presidential material. Be very careful what you wish for.

Oops, double-tap again. Sorry about that.

And Colin Powell was touted as a Republican candidate at one point. Seems like a regular (non-?) story in the US - General X for Pres.

GOP 12 links to a long Vanity Fair interview with "Peaches" in Another "Petraeus isn't running post"
I ask him if he has started to think about a life after his military career—he can climb only so much higher. He says, No, and seems startled by the question—“I mean, I’m never going to take up fishing or golf.”

Is he going to take up the presidency? There are those who would like him to, and they have launched a “Petraeus 2012” Web site. He dismisses that prospect completely and convincingly. He is steadfastly apolitical, on principle, and even stopped voting after his promotion to major general. (Later, he will say to a Vanity Fair photographer, out of the blue, “By the way, I’m not running for president.”)
"The Professor of War" as VF calls him probably says that to the mailman every morning. He'd be wise to actually stick to that.

A couple of years back his numbers on Gallup were not great:

I suspect they'd be much worse in 2012. Such donnish fodder after a gut full of lectures from the hated Barry is hardly attractive. The evangelical base will be screaming for sugary Palinesque comfort food, the certitudes of faith based folksy belligerence in the language of demonology. The wider GOP club for growth crowd will be eying the huge deficit, loudly crying for slashing entitlements and the voodoo economics of elite tax cuts, they'll consider a safe pair of business savvy hands like Romney. A sober big brained soldier best known for the once emotive but now rapidly fading Iraq war, of conservative "apolitical views" is not well suited to this bloody mindedly partisan human terrain. Poor Peaches is a hopeless bet.

Now if Barry holds onto the Whitehouse because the GOP runs a lovable hard right numptie as is likely in 2012 it might be a different story in 2016. A "Rockefeller Republican" might be just the ticket.
alib said:
Now if Barry holds onto the Whitehouse because the GOP runs a lovable hard right numptie as is likely in 2012 it might be a different story in 2016. A "Rockefeller Republican" might be just the ticket.
Unlikely, the Republican loon fringe are just about keeping it together with the idea that the American people were somehow 'tricked' in 2008. If Obama wins in 2012, expect them to go off the deep end. The only way I can see a Republican moderate running in 2016 is if the US far right start an armed campaign and trigger a backlash against themselves.
Sarah Palin might be a good POTUS, but she has stop making those movies. They just dont so her any favours. Dirty biatch. :lick:

tiger stacker said:
Gen Petraeus may be unavailable, what about Gen George W. Casey Jr instead :?
He is extremely smart and has a strong background in international relations. He also could attract a few more of the liberal votes than Petraeus. I feel he would be a great President as he could defuse the polarization that has been occurring in US politics. However, he will have 40 years in the Army in June. I strongly expect that he may chose to accept the corporate board offers he is sure to get and spend some time working seriously on tennis and skiing skills.
^^Is Casey even a Republican? He's Mr Diversity-and-PC according to every blog i've seen him mentioned on which would make him a complete non-starter for the GOP in its current incarnation.
NathanHale said:
Not a chance.... When a U.S. Military Officer says he isn't interested in elected political office, you can assume that he is telling you the truth ... Everyone thought Schwartzkopf was going to run for President after OPERATION DESERT STORM and he laughed at the idea -- and guess what ? He hasn't run for any office... he meant it.

People thought Powell would run for President after he retired in 1993 and he said he wasn't interested.. and Powell never seriously considered running for the GOP's nomination...

So why do people assume that Petraeus is somehow being disingenious -- that somehow, he secretly covets the Office of the Presidency ?

And why some presume that Petraeus is a staunch Republican is beyond me .... The man is East Coast born and bred, he went to West Point which deliberately exposes its cadets to a liberal education and both sides of the issue... He is a Princeton PhD who liked to rub elbows at dinners and socials with playwrites, stage actors, poets, authors... He is urbane, intellectual, sophisticated and worldly...

....attributes which most people do not necessarily ascribe to today's contemporary GOPsters at first blush (and second, and third, and....)

Can anyone imagine Petraeus standing up and prostituting himself by stating his adamant oppostion to abortion, how he supports prayer in school, repeal of the Health Care Bill (despite spending his whole life in the Army's socialistic medical system) ?.... Immigration and illegal immigrants ? Don't bet on him saying words to the effect "Why, of course, I'd send their aarses right back to Mexico and while I'm at it, I'll deploy the Army to guard the Mex border" (despite all of the Latino immigrants that he has commanded in the Army over the years)...

I suspect Petraeus is centrist, either a conservative Democrat or a Rockefellar Republican -- and that latter breed is now extinct unfortunately within the GOP... Petraeus isn't going to kiss Rush Lumbaugh's aarse or rub elbows with cretins like Beck or O'Reilly (Right Wing pundits on FOX Cable News "Entertainment")....The first time he opines on social and economic issues, his stock will fall at least 50% with the Right Wing GOP spinsters and political meisters...They simply won't view him as "one of us"... because he isn't...

My bet is that Petraeus will become the next Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff when Mullin retires ....and when Petraeus retires, something tells me that he would rather have history record him as a Soldier, a General and a West Pointer who made a positive difference during a dark time.... and in the pantheon of US Army generals amongst Grant, Sherman, Pershing, Marshall, Ike, MacArthur, Bradley, Ridgeway, and Schwartzkopf.....

....Rather than a pol... who no matter what he does will have at least 40% of the population ardently against him whatever is his political philosophy...

......And after he retires from the military, he will also become a Board Chairman for corporations -- making mega-bucks ....

And he ain't no Wesley Clark.....

CPT Nathan Hale
Continental Army
"I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country" .... Last words before he was hanged .... By the King's Army....
To put it more succinctly; Petraeus is simply too nice a man to lead that bunch of knobbers.

I think Obama will get in for a second term no problem as long as there's no credible GOP candidate around.

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