General Knowledge


I didn't know where to put this but I've found this to be quite a useful little website for general knowledge questions that are harder than most.

Think of it as a way to calm the fear of the obscure questions you'll get at main board...unless I'm completely off the mark.



With retrospect, the website being named 'triviapark' isn't a good start however there are some decent tests on it that are also very informative.
I believe there to be a subtle but significant and definitive difference between general knowledge and trivia. For example, as interesting as a comprehensive knowledge of, say, the names of all of Santa's reindeer might be, this information is unlikely to align an individual well with the rigours of the AASB.
Hi Dragstrap,

I understand that a knowledge of Santa's reindeer would see a PO kicked all the way back to the local train station but I meant to look at the science/technology/geography sections etc just to get a grasp of what some headache questions could possibly be like :)

Although if I'm asked to name Santa's reindeer, I'll be laughing...all the way to the mad house.
General Knowledge? Was he in the Int Corps....?

Hat coat etc.

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