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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by brave-coward, Feb 24, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone in the know give me an idea of the fielding timeline for the new uniform (MTP one which is to replace C95)? Specifically I need to know when the non-deployed regular army are to start wearing it.

    No speculation please, just need to the know rough windows that it is getting rolled out to and worn by the Field Army.
  2. From Apr 11 to Apr 13 in the following order:

    Field units
    Support units
    Phase 1 units
    Phase 2 & 3 units
  3. Have you got a DIN or other factual link to confirm this mate?
  4. Let me edit that for you :)
  5. Good starting point

    06/11: Introduction of Personal Clothing System
    Serial No: Sourced: DIB 2011/06 Defence Clothing Team

    Date: Released By: 07/02/2011 DMC Internal Comms
    Audience: All Service personnel
  6. Cheers guys, that's what I needed to know.
  7. What the whole issue in 2 days. That's some going!
  8. Why are they giving it to cadets? Wouldn't giving them all the DPM stuff that becomes redundant save quite a few bob??
  9. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    It's fairly ironic they're giving MTP to the Cadets when they find it hard enough to even get DPM for their lads!

    Makes so, so much more sense for me that they give the Cadets as much of the DPM as they need from current stocks and it then serves three purposes:

    1: It splits the Cadets from the Armed Forces which higher have been wanting to do for a while. Argument is it's so that a child in uniform doesn't get confused with a real soldier and have bad things happen to them.

    2: The Cadets wont get into the situation where they now have MTP but just as with DPM, can't get what they need.

    3: The Cadets have more DPM than they can wiggle a stick at.

  10. Perversely there isn't enough DPM CS95 right now for the Regular Army, let alone cadets.

    LF have issued the fielding plan, if anyone wants to know, they should grip their CoC. (OoooEeer!)
  11. Is that the stuff they keep under the invisibility cloak so that nobody can find it?

    I heard that cadets weren't getting MTP at all, at least not for the forseeable future. Don't think it's anything to do with the 'seperating' business - although I can sort of see their point - more to do with costs.

  12. Fixed
  13. on the first point, joe public see's a uniform and thats all they see! just as with the RAF, even in blues, let alone CS95, 'oh your in the army then!' dont matter about badges either, you could have a 12 foot high neon sign above you and joe public will still just see the unifom!
    Dosent matter if Cadets are in the same MTP as regs or in DPM when the regs are in MTP, they will still be perceived as military by the vast majority.

    2nd and 3rd. Speaking from an Air Cadet Staff point of view, we get sod all CS95s for the Cadets! The Air Cdts are not scaled for CS95, we have to scrounge part worn servicable to do fieldcraft, exercises and shooting. This scrounging is far more difficult if your Unit is not located near a large RAF Main Operating Base. It would be far more sensible for the ATC to issue a practical and flexible set of CU (or CS95!) with ATC badges than issue a set of blues IMO! But I suppose its a tradition thing.
    Even getting the full scaling of blue working dress for the cdts is difficult at times. I'm sure the supply situation with the ACF is not much better judging by the kit I've seen their Cdts wearing (some 95, some '94, even 88 and 85 patt kit!)

    Besides, some of the first people to get MTP CU will be the ones who buy it from ebay! :p
  14. Cadets = glorified youth club (IMO).

    So why are uniforms supplied cost free. You want to take part you pay a little towards them at least.

    I fully expect to get shot down in flames about this but **** it.

  15. they do already, 10 quid per month