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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Hendo1946, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. Hi,

    I've just applied for the army and am waiting to hear back to get given dates for selection and medical and things like that. I'm really just asking what sort of things happen at the selection centre and the medical?

    Also I was wanting to know some more information about scottish regiments. Do you get to choose which battalion you get put to i.e 1 scots or 2 scots? Also I heard a rumour where once you've passed out of ITC(C) you get posted to whoever needs the strength?

    Any help any one can give would be much appreciated!
  2. You will be sent to where you are needed. If that is where you want to be you're in luck, but don't bet on an Assignment Request being acted upon.
  3. There are many threads in the recruitment section that cover what to expect at selection and the medical etc.

    As for what Battalion you might go to. I'm not in the SCOTs but, the way I understand it is you can state a preference but you'll most likely go where you're needed, especially if there's a tour coming up.
  4. There's only one regiment now.

    At the moment you get sent where you're needed, though with the combat side of Afghan winding down by the time you go through training you may have more choice. 1 SCOTS will move to Belfast, 2 remain in Edinburgh, 3 remain at Inverness and 4 move to Catterick.