General Ignorance

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by the_baron, Jul 27, 2006.

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  1. Having had a rant about it in another thread the entire world seems to be suffering from a complete lack of General Knowledge and total misconceptions. Is it just me?

    I'm talking about the confusion between idol and hero when talking about so-called celebs.

    The over use of the terms legend, legendary and their ilk.

    And don't get me started on Big Ben. Again :roll:

    And why should I get called a pedant when I try to explain the error of their ways?

    But who is to blame for the state of our society and where its heading?

    I think that Stephen Fry and the QI team should be on every day correcting people's ignorance.

    Arrse! I do not seem to be able to edit my poll for the terrible grammar.
  2. I blame the Corporations... and Ryan Seacrest
  3. Shouldn't that be "when I try to explain their mistake..."


    "But who's to blame ...............society and where it's heading.."..."

    You've got me at it now...... Tchh..!
  4. :oops: :oops: ps!

    The rant had my heckles up which then led to a outburst with rather poor spelling, typing and grammar. And was compounded by the fact I didn't proof read it! B :x gger!

    And thank you for pointing out my mistakes. I'll be editing some of my posts shortly.
  5. We were all not interested in the news once.
    I can't remember when or what started me switching on the news as soon as I woke in the morning.
    But I did take an interest in my younger brother who had never watched the news of his own free will until he moved in with me.
    He claims he only did this to watch G.W.Bush acting like a spaz when he first got in power.
    He now thinks G.W is not funny but very very scary.
  6. Don't worry mate, compared to our mutual acquaintance Hallveg, you are Billy Waggledagger. As for the problems with today, it can't be blamed on one single thing. Seemingly trivial things such as Mobile Phones has caused a degradation in standards of written English. Computer games, as opposed to getting fresh air round your legs. children are incredibly aware these days and a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. And mongs too. It's their fault as well.
  7. General Ignorance? Think I met him once, along with his ADC Major Disaster.

    Right pair they were. :)
  8. Guru i think i need to remind of two things

    1) I am not gay so stop chatting me up (every one of your posts seam to have me in them)

    2) I'm married

    3) Its the schools fault that i can't spell, perhaps i should sue?

    4) Your not perfect, i am always pointing out your errors, just i do it quiet like, not on the tinternet.

    5) Your a gimp
  9. I believe you mean hackles.

    But, along with everyone else, I think I understand the meaning of your post. 8)

    I've had cause to correct the Chief Clerk's grammar and spelling twice today, and he has only sent me two emails! If you browse the Officer's forum, (and no, I'm not one of those) you'll find a thread that complains of pedantry on this site..... which beggars belief! Surely the officer class should be the last to succumb to the insidious lowering of standards that we find ourselves witnessing. :evil: