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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by BoopBeBoop, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. Currently into my first year of sixth form, I've always had the notion to join the military but I've decided now to get an idea of what I actually want to do.

    My plan is to join the OTC in uni, and the TA after then, but after I do the three years TA minimum if I liked it I would consider joining the regulars and doing a normal tour.

    I've found several jobs that look interesting, but they are specific jobs within each section of the army and I was wondering what the chances are that I would be able to get into each individual job.

    Currently I have shortlisted:

    Royal Signals
    Electronic Warfare Systems Operator

    Royal Artillery
    Gunner Crewman

    Royal Armored Corps
    Tank Crewman (reconnaissance)

    I'm also looking into the Marines for prospects.

    So my main questions are what are the chances of getting one of the specific jobs I want if I try as hard as I can and what are the opportunities for joining the Marines or other specialist forces once I have a firm base in said job.

    BARB test scores aside.
  2. Why would you choose those roles and also consider the marines...just being curious I'm not trying to knock you it just seems like a bit of a leap between the two.
  3. I suppose I'm not far enough in life to have a definite idea of what I would be good at neither am I limited by qualifications, it's really open.

    I like the idea of the marines as they are the best and being the best sounds good, and also I would only really want an active role in the army, so rather than just joining infantry I would rather give the marines a go.
  4. Well son, if you've got a 'tin' helmet put it on soon, 'cos I reckon there's a bit of flak on it's way after making statements like that on the Arrse board!!!!

  5. I didnt mean best best, but you know, pretty good.
    It's just a saying.
  6. He just means some of those airborne types might see...don't worry though I'm sure you can find some commando types to help :)

    Well you really want the RMR side of things for the Marines if that's the case...I went through all the rigmarole of applying up to the PRMRC. Get yourself running, circuit training and tabbing. Then in about 6 months you can kick off the application process. My problem was not getting fit enough before I applied so the fitness tests were a lot harder than they should have been. It sounds like a dickish thing to say but don't even bother applying until you have hit a few certain fitness goals...others may tell you differently but that's my personal experience.
  7. So if I can summarise:

    You still have 18 months of 6th form to go, followed by 3 years at uni, followed by 3 years in the TA, before you would consider joining the Regulars and "doing a normal tour".

    I make that the middle of 2018 as your timescale.

    We will not be in Afghan in 2018 so a "normal tour" is improbable according to your timescale.
    We may be somewhere else but the venue has not been booked!

    My advice is to bin the idea of the OTC. If you are not interested in commissioning, as you have not mentioned this as a possibility, you will gain more useful experience in a TA unit. And by the end of your final year at uni, you should be qualified to go to Afghan - although as that will be the middle of 2015, we will be coming out of there then, rather than piling in.

    So: finish 6th form, join a TA unit while at uni and see what additional changes will be brought about by the 2015 SDR to the Regular and Reserve Forces before you apply to go Regular.