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I am currently in training for my AOSB Briefing at the end of October. At the moment I am using a training split where one day I run for an hour (~10km - yes, pretty rubbish), then the next I am trying best effort 1.5 mile (10.5 mins currently- again, not very speedy). I know that I need to incorporate HIIT, so sprinting, into this regimen at some point. On the days I do the 1.5 mile I am also doing weights but mostly in the form of high repetition body weight exercises; dips, pull ups, press ups etc. At the moment this is the way I am going for 5 days a week, so 2 rest days somewhere in the mix.

Does this sound like too little/too much? Anyone have any suggestions to make this regime better, or even an alternative way of doing this?

Thanks for any replies, I suspect all of you will know better than I so all advice will be taken on board.


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