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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Taz_786, May 12, 2008.

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  1. Well you might break a nail or two when handling weapons...

    I'd work on your grammar first though. :wink:
  2. Women? At Sandhurst?

    What a preposterous proposition.

  3. I think you may mean "perspective"
  4. we wont see women at Sandhurst in our lifetime

  5. opps... yeah, might have done! spell checking was always my downfall!
  6. on

    Candidate for the spill chucker me thinks. Ra Ra!
  7. Am I the only childish double entendre merchant reading this thread?
  8. Nope, all I absorbed was "girlie", "my girlfriends", "female" and "trying it on"

    Then my mind went in to posh lezza totty mode ;)
  9. Errrr you missed the part about shagging your Troop SNCO/JNCO after the first social event and getting you both sacked. Admittidly that only applies to certain capbadges.
  10. I've just been on the phone to Sandhurst. They say if you have your child there, then it will get pre-selected automatically for Sandhurst when it turns 18! Subsequently, if the CO is the father, then a little pony as well!
  11. Try not to fall (sic) out of New College windows.

    I'm told it hurts.
  12. Nonsense. I've paid good money for that sort of thing.
  13. What you mean, Biscuits, is that you have paid dirty money for that sort of thing...
  14. Clearly, being literate is no longer a requirement for an officer:

  15. bless....

    if i was a chick wanting to join up now, knowing what I know now.....

    i'd shag like a 2-stroke... all the way to the top.

    I know of a fair few subbies who shagged.. JNCO's, hmmm SNCOs..... hmmm CO's... Blowj*bs for OC's...... } GLEAMING OJARS = funny enough, did sweet f-all to their careers...

    On the otherhand......I know a subbie who stood up on the table during a formal dinner(after a few bottles of red) to share a few kind, gentle,well thought out words albeit with a bit of finger pointing ....and let slip that his CO's wife was fit as f*ck... Well he's no longer in the army... .... ... ....

    Morale of the story : Never under estimate 'P*ssy Power'! Go for it, shag the PTI at RMAS... best move you can make if you ask me.... and keep him sweet the whole year. And if you have the guts... nail the CSgt too... Once that's done... the sword will surely be yours!

    Here's to calling a Spade a Spade.