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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by flowers, Aug 5, 2005.

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  1. Bonjour!!!!
  2. Get your t1ts out
  3. nice title flowers

    lording it up in france, well i am not paying if that counts ;)
  4. Slightly better situation, it would be tres (notice the french there!) awful if you had to fork out for yourself to camp!!!

    However, I am not adversed to camping, it can be quite fun, although tents are rarely soundproof 8O
  5. hello all. Need another coffee, still not fully awake
  6. how are you OB
  7. bonjour,tres bien merci
  8. ooh, getting into practice, am liking the "educated woman" approach
  9. mmmmm coffee would be fab, preferably served to me whilst I am still in bed, by some hunky adonis! :lol:
  10. French was the only thing that got me by when I was in Morrocco!
  11. Do you do anal?
  12. Only if lubed well!! haha :lol:
  13. hold on flowers, will just run and get my apron thing that cunningly makes me look like i have the body of a god!

    Expresso or latte
  14. Yeah...........Buddha.
  15. flowers every time i have had a bloke bring me coffee it has had a suspicious gunky content floating on the surface possibly gorilla glue!

    they cant be trusted :)