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Hi, I'm 18 and have always wanted to join one of the services, however I am that stage of my life where I need to make decisions. I have been offered an apprenticeship as a plant mechanic which goes to the level of NVQ level 3 although I have also been applying as a general fitter in the Royal Engineers to the level of an NVQ level 2.

My question is how good would the general fitter trade be once I am back in civvie street, be it 4 or 20 years from now?

Been out a long time now but my trade POM served me well when I came out, different days now, but who knows what the future holds. Go with what you want to do and let the future take care of itself
It's a really good trade, especially if you get workshop postings.

A point to note is that you don't join as a plant fitter, you are a general fitter at class two level. You then decide what route to specialize in at class one (plant, utilities and petroleum or bench). I maybe wrong but I have a feeling that there is a bit more railroading by manning and records now as to what you specialize in, perhaps one of the younger guys on here might know.
Do you choose your specialisation as part of your training? If not would you still be able to specialise if you got posted to 24 commando engineers or would you only be able to specialise with certain sections?
Also would anyone know how would it be possible to get a NVQ level 3 and above within service as on army role finder it says the general fitter role is only a NVQ level 2?
When you do your class one your NVQ is topped up to a level 3

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Last week on the "Jobs For Sappers" FB page there was a bloke getting out who said he was getting out as a Class One fitter and he'd got an NVQ level 3. I would assume it's the case but you could just give RE CPD a call and get the most up to date info in case there's been some recent changes bought in between Holdfast and the RSME.
Apologies for the last post written quickly.I am saying that is what happens not asking the question.

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I'm a bit lost as to what you're asking: do you what to know if you get an NVQ 3 or how the NVQ 2 from your class 2 gets converted to a level 3?

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