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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Speakman425, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm 15 and want to sighn up for the Army infantry around June of next year, I was wondering how fast i should be aiming to run the 1.5 mile at my age and also how many push up's, sit up's and chin ups i should be aiming to do also any advice on how to improve on stamina and overall strength would be appreciated.

    I'm 6ft and weigh just under 12 stone, i am at avarage fitness.

    Thanks from Mike,
  2. Someone else will answer more accurately I expect but the basics are 1.5 miles in 10mins 30secs and 44 press ups in two minutes and 50 sit ups in two minutes.
    However as a word of warning at 15 years old your still growing and going to the gym and over doing it on the weights can have serious repercussions later in life the same with over doing the running as your body grows joints become looser and are thus more susceptible to injury. So whatever you do build up slowly and steadily.

  3. I can do around 30 continues press ups and can do 50 sit ups in two mins very easily, I dont do weights as i know the risks i just do puss ups ect so i can get used to lifting and moving around my own body weight.

    Also whats a good way to burn of a littl excess fat ?

  4. How will weight training and running at 15 have serious repercussions later on in life?

    still growing or otherwise?

    BTW, aim for a 9 min BFT. Easily achievable by a teenager.