general fitness question (love-handles)

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Pompey_Jock, Jul 30, 2006.

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  1. Am not normally blessed with brevity, but will try to keep this short.

    35, male - Used to (up until 8 yrs ago) do a lot of running, won Regt x-country etc - but then became a bit more of a couch potatoe & was living in the US.

    US fast-food lifestyle and driving everywhere took it's toll and when moved back to UK 2 years ago had developed a small (maybe a bicycle) spare tyre.

    Started, very slowly, running again and have got back into shape... though it was a long slow process. Now happily running a nice, semi-hilly 5 mile X-country route at about 7.5 minute mile pace. {Not as good as before, but getting there - am a fair bit older than before also, which I need to remember}.
    However the last couple of extra pounds just refuse to fecking budge - so while generally trim, do have, albeit small, "lovehandles"... which I would like to see gone.

    - Should I be concentrating on just upping the cardio side of things? I currently do mainly cardio but with some light to medium weights intersprsed.
    Work sometimes intervenes but normally get to the gym 3 or 4 times a week for about 1hr 15mins... and maybe run out on the trails once or twice a week. All time permitting.

    - Should I ditch the weights entirely and just do cardio until the last couple of errant pounds have gone, then add in some weight work?

    I dont really pay any attention to diet and eat 'as normal' - but dont do sweets, chocolates, and rarely drink - just cursed with a slow metabolic rate.

    Any fitness guru's able to give pointers on best way to budge the stubborn last pounds that wont take the hint and p!ss off???
  2. cut out the booze, watch your portion sizes, when you run ensure you heart rate is in your fat burning zone, cycle, walk or run to work for a change...

    or get over it, you're old, you'll never be the way you were when you were 19, embrace your love handles, drink a lot, get the munchies and order in a pizza!
  3. dont drink - well hardly ever.....

    and pizza, well yes, that is a weakness (aahh, the power of cheese), but resist that okay.

    ffs - dont think you are sentenced to a life with a couple of extra pounds at 35... has to be some way... the rest of the USA induced excess buggered off, why cant these take the hint... :D
  4. Though moodybitch keeps the entire parachute regiment fit, i think even she cant move them handles? so embrace them, eat that cheese, your 35 not 19 as has been said.
  5. Pompey, doesn't hurt to try these (scroll down to the third set of exercises for 'love handles'). The majority you can try at home in your own spare time and with/out weights or other equipment if needs be. They might look simple but the more you do in one go, the harder it feels (no pun intended :wink: ).
  6. well thanks - can add some of them to the armoury.... even though will look like a bit of a tw*t doing them.

    atleast it's the first response to be something other than "your old, passed it - put your slippered feet up and drink beer & have another pizza" :D
  7. Pompey_Jock, don't forget that it's not only wimminz bodies that start to sag as they get older; mennz do too, although it occurs at different ages.

    Try the following: stand in front of a mirror, place your flat hand against your ribs on the opposite side of your body and pull gently upwards. If the "love handles" smooth out, then you're a young sagger and the only way you'll really get rid of them is to up your exercise until you've only got about 5 mm of fat covering that area. To ascertain that, pinch the skin over your hips and estimate how far your index finger and thumb are apart (which, because the skin is doubled, should be about 10 mm).

  8. OMG - you mean I may be an "early sagger"

    ....oh the shame, the ignominy :oops:

    better be taking that run up to 7 miles and making it 1 hr and 3/4's in the gym from now on then.

    now that you think about it saying 'feck it' and taking the beer and pizza approach does have a certain ease to it. :wink:
  9. Carry on with your exercise as normal, and slim down the portions of food you eat.

    Sounds simple and its easier said than done but think about it, eat less and less food is left over to build up on your belly after exercise! :)
  10. Do them at home! Or with someone else.... not neccesarily as in a 'supporting role' if you get my drift :p :wink:
  11. This months (August) issue of Mens Health has got a few pretty original training tips for the ol' love handles, abs and lower back. Give that a whirl (I don't work for them by t'way).

    My fave workout for 'em are side lateral raises with a dumbell you could curl a max of 8 times (fairly heavy), or cross over crunches. They hurt :D
    Or even twists.

    Edited to say they work for me, but i've got a fast metabolism, also avoid eating crap and am ten years younger, so all very well that it works for me.
  12. Mens health is the male version of Cosmo or vogue

    They stick a freak, pumped up, dieted out pretty boy on the front tell you you can get this way in "six weeks for summer"

    Then flog you pills and potions and even surgery to get the ideal physique

    Which past thirty takes a whole lot of time and effort

    Not bitter in the slightest, but I do a shed load of phys, eat healthy and still have the mini handles

    Be a man reach for a stella and and the king prawn vindaloo
  13. Yeah. A stern bluestocking ex-girlfriend of mine (the kind who enjoyed cycling in the rain - ie, good value but a bit bossy) once was aghast to find a copy of that magazine in a spare room in my island lair. She memorably, and accurately, described it as "crypto-homosexual".

    Listen, *adopts Mr Miyagi / Yoda voice*, embrace the handles. Be fit in order to do stuff. Age gracefully: the alternative requires (a) missing out on the perks of life and (b) devoting more and more of your time to exercising instead of living. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger eventually twigged this. Oh, and be mindful of the truth, Padewan.
  14. Yes Dr. Evil - *shuffles off with a pseudo acceptance of this pearl of wisdom*

    Will see if the mini-handles will go with some minor, extended 'beasting'; failing that aslong as am fit enough to keep up the running, and hiking & occasional mntn biking, will try to age gracefully.

    I think that's a large part of it - my mind still thinks I am 19 :roll:
  15. Please ignore any of the above advice that states that you are past it and to grow old gracefully. How the f*** is letting yourself get out of shape growing old gracefully????

    Remember your 35 not 65 you probably cant sprint as good as you could when you were 20 and your recovery is not what it was but otherwise your as good as you ever was - probably better if truth be told.

    If you want to lose those last few pounds then the only thing you really lack is a little bit of knowledge. If you already run and weight train and watch your diet then all that is required is fine adjustment of those 3 parameters to achieve your aim, and it should take weeks rather than months.

    Body builders probably know more about losing the last few pounds of fat and water than anyone else, find a book or article on the subject from a natural bodybuilder and you will be put on the right track.

    Best of luck.