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Going to a job interview on monday (manufacturing site technician) and the company want me to do a "general engineering test" anyone any idea what this would likely cover? or what they would test me on?
It should be a simple exercise that is specifically chosen to allow you to demonstrate that you have the requisite skills for the job you are going for. I have seen welders who claim they are coded asked to do a 6g test piece, and many fail dismally. I have seen people applying for admin jobs where the ability to type and use word-processing software is a requirement being asked to type up and print a letter, and many fail dismally. If you are applying for a job that you actually have the skills for, then it shouldn't be something that you find in the least bit difficult.
I imagine some basic maths, materials and procedures questions, perhaps with some manual tasks thrown in. As Joe P suggested, as long as you havent lied through your teeth in your CV you should be fine!
No have'nt lied and spent most of today reading up on the various systems they use, just a bit curious as to what it might be. After 24 years in the RN its a bit of a shock to be doing general tests - but i guess thats welcome to civvy street!


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If you are applying for a job that you actually have the skills for, then it shouldn't be something that you find in the least bit difficult.
This is the nub of it. Once a company has taken someone on, they start to incur expenses. For example, the company will have to invest someone's time (and probably a bit of money) into training you. And if you stay with the company for 5 years, you represent an investment of 5 years wages. So the company is trying to make sure that the person they take on is the best use of their time and money.

If you've been invited in for interview, then they've already decided that you probably do have the skill set they need. All the test is designed to do is verify that your actual skills match those on the CV. As you've been honest on your CV, it should be plain sailing.

A word of advice about the interview: the company will be trying to answer two questions; can you do the job and can you fit in with the rest of the staff. The first question will be answered by the test. As to the second (if you haven't already done so) it might be worth getting down to your local library and getting a book on interview techniques. That'll give you an idea of the general questions that will be asked.

The favourite question I ask in interviews is "give me an example?" Interviewee says, "I work well under pressure." To which I reply "give me an example?" If the individual genuinely works well under pressure, they'll normally be able to tell a story illustrating it. Same for you - think of the common questions you'll be asked and try to think of an example to illustrate each.

Good luck.


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