General Election Time

Here's pause for thought..........My thought alone and I'm not speaking on the behalf of anyone.............Have me for sedition if you want!!
In the late 70's when it was hard to get spares for Chieftain or even a new pair of socks...............(the youngsters will no doubt echo 'It's like that now guv'), as we sweltered under the weight of a Socialist 'Pinko commie subversive under the bed' government. Having resolutely stuck to my true blue guns, I am, for the first time, faced with a dilemna...........who...FFS do I vote for this year. Whereas, through my artwork and new friends I've accumulated I know that the Status Quo is pretty much the same......the guys and gals on the ground being the finest in the world with a command structure which echoes (mainly) the need for more funding and equipment but, a government full of lieing Egyptian Kazbah wallahs who keep telling us all is fantastic and 'We're winning the war with enough kit and victories to last a thousand years' fecking hell, it's starting to sound like Goebbels in the Reichstag!! The Very quietly spoken phrase 'Defence cuts...........again' scares me shiteless!! So, to the problem, who the hell am I going to vote for??
Lately my work has taken me out delivering 'secure' mail. The other day most of it being for 'Immigrants' irregardless of whether they are asylum seekers, refugees or 'Controlled Immigrants'............all of whom are, by the home office, 'Forbidden to seek employment' but all of whom are out and unable to accept delivery of their important Home Office documents as, "They out to work matey" is echoed by their 7 cheeky comrades in the bedsit which they occupy. Couple that to the lamentable way 'idiosynchrosies' keep coming to light over the forces and public spending on 'Duck shelters' on private homes ponds..........Labour's out........right out(not that they were ever IN my books after the 70's!!
Nobody else in mainstream politics seems to be shouting how they'd halt the defence cuts if they got in though?!?!?!? Perplexing.....anybody got any voting suggestions???
Well, I'm gonna vote for Dave and the Nu Blues.... anything has got to be better than the Faking Pseudo-Marxist Mung Brained 'Plop Plops' that are f*cking... oops sorry, meant the ruination of the UK at the moment

I have this difficult choice... is it Dave and the Nu Blues.... or Cleggie and the Limp-Dicks??? (Cleggie sounds like a name out of 'Last of the Summer Wine'... or 'Wallace & Gromit'!!)

The Limp-Dicks are far too close the EUSSR land and its Kommie Kommizzars aux Bruxxelles et Strasburg... (oh well, thats probably my name taken down for their 'Leetle List' yet again...)

All in all, I think that I will probably plump for Dave and the Bullingdon Boys and Girls..... theres b*gger else to vote for execpt to see the back of Mr Gordon the Gronads.... as it is said.... "He gotta gronad.... !"

Oooh, I will miss her smiling face.... :p


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