General Election Date – Sweepstake

Now that Gordo has departed, and a completely unnatural alliance is about to start, what date before it all unravels and we are back on the hustings

I will go for Thursday 21 October 2010. You heard it here first :D

Any offers :D :D


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10 Mar 2011.

To coincide with the end of the Financial Year and the announcement of a new budget to see the full scale of austerity.
Oct 21, good guess, my thoughts too, but in the interests of variety I'll go a week before, Oct 14, 'cos I don't think any govt,as a coalition, is going to last beyond the"Right, we need to slash public expenditure and raise taxes or else we're Greek".
I would say May 2015

Reasonably confident about that if they manage to pass the bill through Parliament giving a 5 year fixed term for Parliament......
CAARPS said:
Come on people. This is a coalition for stability, surely someone is confident enough to go beyond a year :D :D
I'm an optimist and will go for June 2013, theres no way this will run a full term but I think it will have some continuity.


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5th November. Fucking Rainbow Wannabees Fruitbats.

£1 at 10-1

Proceeds to some useless charity. The League for Fallen Champagne Socialists or that holidays gig DogNuts runs. Whatever.

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