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Gout Man

Book Reviewer
Cressida Dick goes under the spotlight and survives a sacking. Would a male equivalent be still in post?
London fire brigade and Grenfell. Would a male equivalent be still in post?
Not only that but Dick gets promoted to the highest police job in the land.
only in this country is incompetence rewarded.

Club Swinger

War Hero
Do you reckon any of the youth would recognise any of them?
Caption competition for those images, the best ones go viral on yoof soshull meedja, jobs cushty innit....
Hmm.......durung WW2 because most of yhe potential male workforce were required for combat or military support roles the resulting 'slack' deficiency in the industrial labour market was resolved by adapting tools and techniques used, for example, in shipbuilding, to enable women to construct warships and aircraft - especially in the USA. 'Rosie the Riviter' provides some of the evidence.
After the war, on the grounds of 'jobs for conqering heroes' the perceptoin of 'women's role in society reverted to stereotype, home, family etc, and a kind of male dominated status quo returned......until now. I would hpoe that with our extensive development in communications and indeed, in knowledge, we can do a little better to promote adaptation and break a few glass ceilings......there is nothing inevitable about 'the way things are done at the mowment.
ETA In the poster she may, of course, in a more modern interpretation, be sayingView attachment 428543 'go take a hike'.View attachment 428543View attachment 428543
I suspect the truth lies somewhere in between. It was the Unions IIRC that said that every man had to be guaranteed their job back which of course meant that demarcation disputes-something not unknown during the war incidentally- would be maintained. The fact that the communists- the socialists cousins would have either sent one to Siberia or had one shot for "sabotaging the economy" was totally ignored by them. It's never been that women can't do the work, it's been the existing structure has been protectionist and politics has been tailored here to suit.
The last Fund Management company I worked for did a great internal study on gender pay gaps and was a very supportive of encouraging women to go for promotions and move into male dominated roles (Traders for example).
One of the key points was getting women to study for the qualifications that lead to the big wage jobs. If they are not qualified then there is not a snowballs hope in hell of getting the job.
They also looked at life factors that stop men and women from pushing for promotion and pay rises. Family time over work commitment, oddly some people don't like working overtime and weekends.

Salary brackets between men and women where the same, the only difference was men dominated the big wage jobs that attracted the massive bonuses.
The women that had become VP's, Directors, Senior managers got there by committing more time to the firm than family. There was also a large number of ex senior management that had dropped to normal management level so that they could spend more time with their families.

The reality of the situations does not always reflect the political propaganda.
That also happens in a factory production environment on a much lower salary.
It is human nature.

Gout Man

Book Reviewer
In essence, the core of the debate is the right of women to be promoted as rapidly as men in the same environment without sacrificing the time out required to fulfil their maternal role.

An analogy (accepting that the role is elective) is permitting starred sportsmen in the Army to promote as rapidly as their peers without attending the required professional courses or gaining the requisite experience.

"Good at sports"
Just had Labours leaflet dropped through the door. Similar to the LibDem one, it's a bit disingenuous and is created to confuse and appear like they have a strong presence in Scotland?View attachment 428386
A typo on that. The 'J' in the bottom right hand corner has been mis-printed as a 'F'. Shurley shome mistake?.

Not only that, a total pack of lies.

Fake Sheikh

Monster Raving Loony Party spending pledges are the only one that is not a complete fecking lie says The Institute for Fiscal Studies*

*This might not be totally true

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