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If that's the "deluded crustacean" you're talking about, Its easier to put the seemingly mentally ill idiot on ignore or you'll be pestered with whiny/threatening IM's!
It is indeed. I find it amusing to give it a poke now and again. Oh, and I've even had Txt's from it. It denies it, of course.


War Hero
I am reliably informed by my disappointed with the election result nephew, that apparently, the only reason Jeremy Corbyn is seen here with Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams, is because he was there to negotiate the peace process that led to the eventual disarmament by nearly all paramilitary groups.

Well who knew that Jeremy was such a good egg after all.

Care to differ anyone?

No, my midwife sister is similar.

The Tories have done a secret deal to sell off the NHS before 2021.

The End.
Scotland doesn’t fully use the U.K. pound at the moment, let alone later.
They could could keep the coins, and their Scottish notes, but without the union (as you mention) or the remainder of the UKs reserve to back it up it would be as valuable as toilet paper.

As I have relatives in Scotland I regularly use Scottish bank notes down south, and already regularly get asked if it’s real money :)

In what sense does Scotland not fully use GBP? AFAIA, Scotland uses the same pounds coins as the rest of the UK but also has the right for certain banks to issue their own notes, which are legal currency (although not legal tender).

I don't how the system works when an independent country uses another country's currency,

I wouldn't know about acceptance of banknotes either here in Scotland or down in England or Wales. I have teenage children; any physical currency I have blinks into and out of existence quicker than a virtual quantum particle. I use cards for everything, including the chippy!


such lovely people..
remember, with Brexit, Emily said Hate Won.

I got bored with her half-way through that screed and changed to the YouTube homepage to find something funnier to watch.

This'll do for now.

such lovely people..
remember, with Brexit, Emily said Hate Won.

Crikey, they really walk amongst us don’t they?! She clearly wants World Peace for Christmas - and what’s this about it’s the ‘old people’s’ fault?
You’re not that young yourself love, unless the only work you have had is a rough as fcuk paper round!

GE 2019 : George Galloway lost his deposit, but not his curiously orange complexion.

GE 2024 : Galloway, This time the wingover gets real!
Though this was quite good. Copied in full for those unwilling to click on a Guainard link.

Revelation of the night
In the aftermath of the campaign, voters will be staggered by its best-kept secret: not the coordinates to Jacob Rees-Mogg’s underground holding cell, but the Labour party’s election slogan. The tagline that literally no one was talking about was: “It’s time for real change.” To be fair to Labour, it was a promise clearly delivered, with the party helping to achieve the once impossible spectacle of a Tory MP in Blyth Valley. Real change indeed!

Strategy of the night
It’s that point in the political cycle when all decisions taken by the winning side are reinterpreted as being works of strategic genius. According to this logic, Boris Johnson’s failure to use a mop, confiscation of a journalist’s phone and recourse to hiding in a fridge suddenly became inspired moves that captured the zeitgeist. Expect more MPs to opt to shelter in white goods next time around. Indeed, several Labour MPs have already offered Jeremy Corbyn a place in their freezer.

Implosion of the night
When it comes to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, it’s hard to look past the Liberal Democrats. They managed to both precipitate the election and end up with fewer seats than they started with, even detonating their own leader in the process. Such has been the attrition rate of Lib Dem leaders since 2015 that the job is beginning to look rather less attractive than taking up drumming for Spinal Tap.
Spin of the night
Commiserations to the DUP, who couldn’t maintain the spin that they’re master negotiators. Having rejected one Brexit deal that protected the union, they ended up with a border down the Irish Sea and an election that ousted the party’s Westminster leader. Top marks, however, to shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon. Playing down his future ambitions, Burgon told an interviewer: “I’m not going to get into the question of leader or deputy leader.” High minded, for sure, though slightly undermined by the fact that no one had mentioned the role of deputy leader. Something on your mind, Richard?
Stat of the night
Kudos to Labour, which has lost 2,582,853 votes since the last election. It means it has shed an impressively profligate 2,816 votes a day since the 2017 poll. For all the criticism of Corbyn, it’s proof that he has lived up to his promise of inspiring a mass movement. He’s surely overachieved – that’s more of a stampede.


GE 2019 : George Galloway lost his deposit, but not his curiously orange complexion.

GE 2024 : Galloway, This time the wingover gets real!

I think this calls for a moment of national reflection and mourning. :cry:

I don't know in which nation, but I'm sure there's one out there somewhere - Iraq, Russia ...

Respect, Comrade.
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