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Brotherton Lad

Kit Reviewer
As I have said before. I do not care when it happens, I have waited since the early 1990s.

But happen it will.

How is the remain fantasy going by the way?
I'm happy with a pretend Brexit.
When folk in Shirebrook (labour since creation including 50 years for Mr D Skinner) are openly stating that they're going to vote blue and then not getting burnt out of their homes and chased with pitchforks...
Shirebrook. AKA Little Poland. Are there any old miners left in the place? It's now the desired residence of, I believe, the largest Polish Community in England.

All down to Mike Ashley & his Sports Direct warehouse situated there.
No it's not, it's dull as ****. You guys need to stop responding to BL and his ilk.
The best thing to do is put the blithering idiot on ignore. He's just an old duffer whose marbles have gone.

Brotherton Lad

Kit Reviewer
That is why it is an easy test (truckie see)

That is not pretend BREXIT

That is remain.
That is the linguistic challenge. What does Brexit mean? And is it deliverable?

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