General Election 2019 - Conservative with Majority

And in other news, the Animal Liberation Front would have won a landslide if only hamsters were allowed to vote. FFS.
The 18-24 year old age group have no real economic stake in the country; as soon as they start to earn reasonable money, they quickly become reluctant to donate largesse at their expense.
lets get this straight a Lord (a political appointee) is moaning that the two main parties had so little to choose between them that neither were able to convince an electorate to give them a working majority. This is in fact the politicians job not ours the electorate. As for referenda we had been promised one and it was withheld from us until the politicians thought that they would get the result they wanted.
To do so it had to be binding to get the electorate to turn out. Again the politicians failed to persuade us plebs that they knew better for us.
The political response to the vote leave win was to prevaricate and waste parliamentary time, time which the tax payer picks up the tab for.
The one sensible politician who decided to take the electorate with him and win a majority is now the PM.
That is what we pay the idiots to do and yet this unelected Lord says its wrong?
He is part of the problem not the solution, I don't want consensus politics that please no one outside of the BBC North London Elite.
I want a politician who will put this country first and the people within. I certainly believe we have one.

In regard to the last paragraph and structured argument, this is possibly why he was made a lord as he can't be trusted in the commons, I blame Blair for sound bites and handwringing politics.
is this the Lord Sumption the ardent Francophile who spends much of his time at his Chateau in France?
It’s worth noting a number of the most fanatical Tory Remainers have property interests dans le Continente.

Grieve Legion D’honnuer in France, Soubry in Portugal
She likes going on her holidays there, IIRC.

I’m not sure that she has a property in Portugal; it’d have been recorded in the register of members’ interests, and there isn’t one listed there.
Could be a family member's or similar ruse.

You know how canny MPs can be. Flip flopping houses, duck houses, etc.
Could be a family member's or similar ruse.

You know how canny MPs can be. Flip flopping houses, duck houses, etc.
Yes - although since you can't claim for holiday homes overseas, there'd have been no benefit to her doing that. I'm not defending the woman, just wondering where the claim that Soubry has property interests as opposed to an interest in holidaying there comes from other than a possible attempt to make her egregious levels of support for the EU seem driven by selfish financial reasons.
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