General Election 2019 - Conservative with Majority

Just seen a grown man, in the loosest sense of the word, literally crying on his lasses shoulder because 'what future do we have with this murderous tory regime?'. I was unsubtle in my laughing my arrse off. And this is in a boozer in Bow. The East End ain't what it was.


Hopefully it will continue:
All you socialists can **** off

then all you Trotskyists can **** off

and then all you (insert other flavour of Marxist grouping here) can **** off

until you eventually end up with John McDonnell alone in a room, screaming and wiping shit on the walls. At least he'll be ideologically pure :)
He resigned as Deputy Leader, btw.

Hopefully, he'll sack it as a politician too.
He resigned as Deputy Leader, btw.

Hopefully, he'll sack it as a politician too.
Mea culpa, I thought him and Corbyn were going to hang on like particularly tenacious dingleberries.
Just seen a grown man, in the loosest sense of the word, literally crying on his lasses shoulder because 'what future do we have with this murderous tory regime?'. I was unsubtle in my laughing my arrse off. And this is in a boozer in Bow. The East End ain't what it was.
Point and laugh, point and laugh.
These nutters need ridicule.


Sorry old bean, you're wrong there. Whilst you may be right that the left is caught up in identity wars, Brexit and Corbyn were very much the issue of the day. There is plenty of first hand evidence to prove it.
Brexit - Was only an issue, because the sense that all the parties were ignoring half the population.
Corbyn - Fit to be a Prime Minister. The sense that the Labour Party is ignoring the majority of the population.

If you move beyond the titles. The motivations are actually the same..... The feeling, that within the sense of being ignored, you also detect a hint of distaste and even disgust at the things the plebs believe in from the north London set and its media allies.

Labour were actually not the worst example of this, as swinsons liberal democrats were the worst example. But its followers really weren't trying to garner votes from outside the middle class. The difference is the working classes, tend to have a visceral reaction to being talked down too and progressive with a heavy left orientated bias never listens to anyone and live to educate the stupid.
Boris has refused another referendum - but is there anything that actually stops her doing it -

Of course it would be pointless as HMG doesn't recognise it - but why should that stop her - a yes result would only strengthen her usual anti English whining because the free and fair result isn't recognised whilst a no would be irrelevant because people didn't bother as the result wouldn't be recognised and so isn't a true reflection of Scottish feeling
Scottish Unionists would just have to boycott an unofficial referendum and it would look as legitimate a result, as Robert Mugabe's last term in office.
Anywhere else you want to get rid of? The Falklands, Gibraltar, Cornwall, anywhere outside a radius of 25 miles of your house?
Well I do have an idea to divide England into 4 parts, Northumbria, Mercia, Wessex and Londinium. I'm pretty sure if you agreed to retain a single central bank that operated a four floating currency system, you'd have the advantages of floating currencies to counteract the effects of Londoncentric economics, without the practical hassles of changing currency at banks that charged fees.


How DARE the working class vote for Boris. How dare they!!!

BoJo, best PM ever.
Surely the obscenity plastered across her chest constitutes a public order offence...?

"1) Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986. A section 5 offence comprises two elements: A person must (a) use threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour, or (b) display any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting, and...

2) The words or behaviour, or writing, sign of other visible representation must be within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress thereby.
The sentence I quoted was in the imperfective tense.
Now we are past the election and Brussels is back in its box. I can agree with you, that Boris and his fairground distractions are over and if he doesn't want to end up like corbyn, he needs to knuckle down and develop a programme of change, the nation hasn't seen since thatcher. Gears reversed and put real flesh on osbornes northern powerhouse.

The alternative, is wasted money on an odd vanity infrastructure project and London's continued dominance in our society, that is ripping the nation apart and will complete the process in five years.
John finally gets it...

LABOUR'S arch-socialist John McDonnell tonight admitted the British people wanted to Get Brexit Done – and Jeremy Corbyn's party simply had not listened and got hammered at the polls as a result.
Labour COLLAPSE: McDonnell capitulates admitting 'they wanted Brexit and we didn't listen'

He added many Labour MPs had been personally Remainers but had to represent northern constituencies which were staunchly Leave.
Finishing with this display of complete lunacy.
Refusing to admit Labour's policies were too hard left for voters, he said: "We believe the centre is exactly where we are."
The centre? Says the guy who read from the 'little red book', the book written by a left wing psychopath with a penchant for rapeing little girls...
Similar position here. At least family members have stopped sarcastically inspecting English currency given to them as change :rolleyes:

It does raise the question though, if the Scots were to become totally independent is there any way the remainder of the UK could prevent an independent Scotland using the pound sterling as their currency of choice? The same way that several countries use the US dollar as their official currency.

Obviously Scotland couldn't print their own sterling notes and the Bank of England would presumably declare Scottish notes no longer legal currency in the remainder of the UK. However, if the Scottish government said "We're sticking with sterling, get fucked" is there anything anyone could do about it?
Scotland could, if it wanted, use anything as its own internal currency, whether that be turnips, cattle or its own printed banknotes. It becomes a problem when they want to trade outside their country - do other countries recognise their currency and accept it as legitimate. It would have to be acceptable to the international money markets. Sterling is so Scotland could use UK currency, ie Bank of England banknotes and that in itself wouldn't be an issue. The point to remember is that even though Scotland could use Sterling, it would not, as a foreign country, be able to set any fiscal policy over the currency. If it is dependant on another country for its fiscal policy then it's not a truly independent country.


If only you old feckers had died like you were supposed to and that the yoof all turned 18 and went out to vote for Magik Grampa.
Now I'm going to have to pay for my own fecking broadband.
I blame global warming

Not enough hypothermia to finish off the wrinklies - Corbyn included!

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