General Election 2017 - The Consequences

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Auld-Yin, Jun 8, 2017.

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  1. And we all laugh at Diane and her Amazingly Fabricated Excuses for being a chump, we could probably get a musical out of them, someone get Lloyd-Webber on the phone.

    But seriously, does she think that even the average Guardianista would fall for that? I think that the fact that comments are not available again, like a lot of the Guardian now (I can't see the 4 that were allegedly posted anyway), speaks volumes, I think the immediate reaction may have involved accusations regarding a conflagration of Grenfell proportions in her already ample underwear.
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  2. Corby as PM and his ex-romp mate as HS qualify as a Grade 10 nightmare.
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  3. So when he pledged to abolish student fees he wasn't talking about polishing them off? :cool:
  4. So issuing bonds isn't borrowing and pledges aren't promises.

    What's next? "Labour is Working"?
  5. The word Labour denotes work, but as a political party, you have to be fekking joking!

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  6. Ahh, but the Party does the thinking, comrade, and that is more strenuous than any manual work. That is why the Party needs their own, special, shops, Tovarich, they must have better food than us so they can keep their thinking skills sharp.

    Unfortunately there are enough gullible who would still vote Labour today even though they've just been told they have been completely lied to. Unfortunately they are also allegedly the intellectual future of the country, and unfortunately they would actually believe the first part if they were told to even though they would not see inside these "special" shops..

    May God help you all
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  7. He seems to be admitting to not having any idea about the size of student debt and therefor any mention of wiping it out was obviously only an aim. 'The students obviously misheard and any double voting done by them entirely of their own volition, and was nothing at all to do with me.'
    Jeremy Corbyn: 'I never promised to wipe out student debt' Shock at Labour leader's claim

    At least some of his shadow government seemed quite firm about what they thought he had said. Imran Hussein shadow justice minister posted it on his Facebook page.
    Labour Party Tuition Fee Debt Row Grows After Shadow Minister Imran Hussain's Facebook Video Emerges | HuffPost UK

    His maths seems as good as his ex naughty romp mate in the world of 'not quite sure of the figures’. No surprises there.
    Jeremy Corbyn wrong AGAIN after Labour corrects itself on incorrect childcare cost figure
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  8. Looks like the Greens, Limp Dems and all have suddenly realized that they have been seen off by the so called progressive alliance. Even hints of strong arm stuff by Momentum Brown Shirts on peace loving kayle muncher's. May be the hatchets will be out at the party conferences??

    Green backlash against 'progressive alliance' - BBC News
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  9. You would have thought they would have learned from the way Blair shafted the Libs, but as usual they couldn't see outside their little bubble.

    Gives me a warm, tingly, feeling in the nethers, it does.
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  10. There seems to be some activity here.

    Old Etonian Jacob Rees-Mogg ‘considering Tory leadership bid’

    There's a fair bit of press coverage on the matter. Of course it could just be 'silly season' stuff. I think it would be the sort of shot in the arm the Tory party needs. On the other hand, it's the worst possible time for anything like that.
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  11. And Amanda Rudd sticking her oar in as well.
    Considering she only retained her seat by 300 votes after having a 4000 majority may put the kybosh on that one.
  12. And . . this story is published by the Evening Standard . . which is Edited by . . . ;) .
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  13. Shit stirring doesn't come close, the bitter, twisted and treacherous oaf that he is.
    As for Jacob R-M, I would be very surprised and equally disappointed if he thought now is a good time to be making waves in the Tory Party. I hope he is more loyal than that.
    That said; I thought the same about Michael Gove a few years back and look how that turned out! :smile: