General Election 2017 - The Consequences

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Auld-Yin, Jun 8, 2017.

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  1. Not just them.
    Parents looking down the wrong end of £30grand costs will find it strangely attractive as well.
    All hail the SPD, my daughter has a Masters in PolSci and it cost me about E2000. :)

    Sometimes socialism works.
    Mind you I am voting CDU .
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  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Diane Abbot - clever? Well that is a good one and certainly not something she is usually accused of.
  3. That's only a couple of days NHS funding

    £350M p/w
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  4. If it was a Labour MP they would cry racism, claim they've changed their hairstyle since and hence their remarks don't matter, and do a fake enquiry where they find no antisemitism with whoever leads the enquiry getting a knight hood soon after which of course will have nothing to with the enquiry
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  5. So many of the young were seduced by Corbyn’s pledge to abolish Uni fees and wipe out old debts. Pity now that after the election was over it is now being admitted that as there would be no money to do that, it was just ‘a labour ambition’.

    As for Thick Nick asking for two votes for the young...a lot of them voted twice anyway.

    Ah well perhaps some will learn a thing or two as they get a bit older, though obviously Nick didn’t and Corbyn is still happy to play fast and loose with money they don’t have.
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  6. So many of the young may be about to have one of them "character building" experiences when they realise how stupid they were to brag on social media about casting multiple votes in the recent GE, for such a thing has led to multiple investigations into voting shenanigans in multiple constituencies.

    Given that it seems the allegations are proven thanks to the behaviour of some of these multiple voters, this may well be an investigation which "expands beyond the complaints" as the potential that we all saw may well have happened.

    This may give the excuse necessary to totally rip into the UK electoral system by centralising all electoral and residential records (so it's not so easy to register in multiple constituencies), ban postal voting for all except those with a GENUINE reason for doing so (those serving overseas, disabled, rural, on holiday at the time, and so on. Basically back to the pre-Blair system), registering for voting to be done in person or automatically when you register your place of residence should you move to another part of the country, and so on.

    This is, yet again, another election with clear allegations of wrongdoing, seemingly with evidence, which has been done in such a way that it benefits one party. Yet again, this same party seems to have involvement at activist level as all of these students wouldn't have thought up such a thing on their own, that's too much independent thought for your average young labour supporter. We should be looking at any constituency where it is proven that students did do the "multiple vote" scam in any sort of number above 50 as having it's result declared null and void, re-running the election with postal vote restrictions in place. Then start doing some serious sentencing on anyone found to be involved, from voter to activist to party bigwig, to "discourage" others from ruining their future in such a way.

    This sort of nonsense happens in every election and it's time someone laid a clamp on this as it's impossible to say whether any party is in the position it is in fairly or whether it has been shenanigans all the way, for if it's shenanigans then no Parliament can be classed as having any sort of claim to validity, the whole system becomes a mockery of the old US-USSR doping in sports proportion, where the winner is the one who is the best at cheating.

    And that is not a good situation to be in
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  7. In the last few days I've seen the shadow labour business minister use the term 'have your cake and eat it' with respect to Brexit - no different from identical Tory comments. I've seen the shadow chancellor backtrack from his election promise to scrap tuition fees to call it an 'aspiration' - despite the fact it was a clear election promise (unaffordable bribe) that won them thousands of student votes and lastly I've seen reports of 'organised' student double voting under the direction of momentum activists which is believed to have gained Labour a slack handful of extra seats at the election - it beggars belief that the Govt and media isn't doing their job by investigating and highlighting these shoddy practices. I'm particularly annoyed with Labours never ending list of spending promises that were blatant bribes and in my view illegal.
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  8. No need to re-run the election. Simply declare both votes illegal and in clear violation of electoral law, recount minus the offending votes, punish the offenders to the full extent, and go by the new recount result.

    A petition to Parliament should be started to focus their minds on the situation. Why should this criminal action be ignored?

    Now the young know that they were bribed with useless promises they may care to think again.
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  9. Copied from the "Cats" thread, where @Monty417 asked who retires at 54 years of age?
  10. no re-running the election, only the seats where such shenanigans have taken place as only by doing so can you say no other votes were tainted in these seats.

    Oh, and a petition is useless and we know it as it will be ignored. And what you should be asking is why has it been ignored for so long as there has not been a single UK general election which has not been tainted by voter fraud since Blair's masterplan whih allowed anyone, whether they exist or not, to have a postal vote.

    PS. These "young" will be partially replaced by another influx of gullible idiots next year. And the year after that. And so on. Come the next election those who have just been duped will be totally replaced by "fresh blood", the duping will continue, as it always has done and always will do.
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  11. Advice appreciated, if there is a more appropriate, current, political thread . . .

    "Government departments are “struggling” to spend all of the overseas aid money they have been allocated, the spending watchdog has said, prompting fresh demands for the foreign aid target to be scrapped.

    A National Audit Office (NAO) report raised concerns that money is being wasted because of the "rush" by civil servants to hit the legal requirement of spending 0.7 per cent of the nation’s income on overseas aid".


    from/credit/copyright: Daily Telegraph.

    Government departments 'struggling' to spend their foreign aid budgets
  12. Advice appreciated, if there is a more appropriate, current, political thread . . .

    Confirmation of the above:

    Ministers launch last-minute frenzy to spend YOUR money on foreign aid with up to 98% of budgets handed out in three months so the government can hit its targets
    • Tories pledged to funnel 0.7% of national income into overseas development
    • Economic growth means ministers have to find new ways of spending money
    • £13bn cash pot is so large that Dfid is asking other ministries for help spending it

  13. Hardly anything new, they've been telling us this for well over a year now.