General Election 2017 - The Consequences

More reading between the lines. We are both linguists, I believe?

I'm thinking about this bit:

We will also want to explore with the EU, the terms on which the UK could remain part of EU agencies such as those that are critical for the chemicals, medicines and aerospace industries: the European Medicines Agency, the European Chemicals Agency, and the European Aviation Safety Agency.

We would, of course, accept that this would mean abiding by the rules of those agencies and making an appropriate financial contribution.
Wishful thinking on your part then.

I particularly enjoyed when the nice lady from the Handelsblatt asked if the PM thought Brexit was the wrong decision. Although she didn't reveal her actual feelings, she said something along the lines of, "It was a democratic decision on the part of the British electorate and it is our job to carry it out." In terms of reading between the lines, I could sense that the next thing she wanted to say was, "I know it may be difficult for a German to understand democracy and the will of the people, but that's something that British people take for granted and one of the reasons they voted to leave the EU."
She said it. Doesn’t matter who reported it.

You exhibit a particular EU centric type of myopia. Opening the doors to unlimited migration has not worked well, was socially divisive, has cause huge problems, and, was a pricipal reason for leaving.

The EU got it wrong, as they have done on so many levels, Britain was simply the piggy bank for their expensive mistakes..
I think you mean 'guinea pig'
What like,

Come the end of negotiations with the EU I can see the Wallonians doing it again just because they can.
Belgium cannot sign a key EU trade deal with Canada, Prime Minister Charles Michel has said, because of objections led by its Wallonia region.

The other 27 EU governments want to sign the agreement, which has been in the pipeline for seven years.

So Juncker is Lying then, it's other nations that stop EU trade deals not that the EU has to sanction them and we can remain in the CU without interference from the EU. Job jobbed. So why is the remaining in the SM and the CU a problem. I've posted the EU offical position before, goods are deemed in free circulation when all taxes have been paid, origin makes not a jot of difference. Mutters 'kin experts-I've shot em
But didn’t we have all this, co operation and stuff, similar standards unrestricted access. And now we look to be going back to something similar with a great deal more expense.

The only thing we seem to have got out of this, seems to have been a dark blue passport cover.

Which they tell us we could have had at anytime.
It’s all very strange.
We are swapping compliance for cooperation, big difference!
And also, choice.

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Not only is this still in CA and lost the title of the General Election a long time ago, we are now getting old news reports which pre-date the thread title by over 8 months.
What news of Mafeking?

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