General Election 2017 - The Consequences

Leo, the Labour Party have barely lifted their heads. The Conservative party are doing what they’ve always done. Bring themselves to ruination over Europe.

if I was May, I would announce a retirement on health grounds and hand over Brexit to Boris and the Mogg. It’s doomed, there’s no reason for her to go down with it although she’s probably too late for that .

ISTR that Lloyd George was in charge of the First world war and that second lot was a coalition neither of which were inclined not to bring ruination of Britain. So I don't think your summation is fair or adequate. ISTR that the Tories were in charge when some foreign power was tempted to nick our property and that it was that famous Conservative TB who fucked up Iraq. It was joint enterprise of Parliament i.e a Wilson/Heath combo that took us into Europe and then got us to vote for a fait accompli. Yes Conservatives always do such a terrible job. Like have Bank crashes, close Rover, do away with customs. Contrary to popular belief the Labour party as done far more to spend less than the conservatives ever did. I think your Mythocycle needs attention.
Ex R Sigs, got to Sgt I think. Then transferred to what was the APTC and left as QMSI. Think he did 15 years in and won most of his Olympic medals whilst in service.
Known for his rather unique laugh.
He was our head muscle buster in the Bn in the early-mid 80s (Bulford and Berlin) as we were building up the XC and athletic teams.

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