General Election 2017 - The Consequences

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Auld-Yin, Jun 8, 2017.

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  1. Well as last few Referendums/Elections have shown, Polls mean Jack Schmitt.

    She's in the Job ...he isnt.
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  2. Not for much longer though and she's no real authority/respect.

    It's going to end in tears. Shame, too. I had very high hopes for her.

    Edit: Mong fingers
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  3. Pre-Brexit talk jitters along with a few polls go into meltdown that May is unpopular.

    Brexit is the focus, not populism polls...

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  4. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Does that mean that if we held a snap election, May would win 30 more seats?
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  5. The way the polls are going then probably. However, the only poll that got it right was vilified as being ridiculous and could never happen. So much so that it changed its mind the next day. Hung Parliament? Never, couldn't happen.
  6. All these negative utterances from nay-sayers on here ..... it's not a British trait and I wonder at the antecedents of the doom sayers talking the country down.
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  7. Would anyone want the job at the moment?
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  8. It is a British trait to want and expect a strong and efficient PM. TM has been shown to be neither, probably the worst PM in recent history. To accept mediocrity at such an important time in our country's history is not a british trait.
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  9. Probably the worst PM in history?

    That's a rather unwarranted analysis.

    It's also a British trait to be given the opportunity & time to prove themselves.

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  10. I suspect you think Neville Chamberlain should have been given another few years to prove himself in 1940.

    The title of this thread is GE Consequences. The consequences of TMs recent decisions are:

    Unstable govt for the foreseeable future.
    A weakened position entering Brexit negotiations.
    The threat of an extreme hard left govt taking power, that could destroy this country.
    A tie up with the DUP that threatens Govt impartiality in NI.

    If we were not living in abnormal times, markets would crashing.
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  11. Do you have the same view about those uttering negative views about the Leader of HM Opposition?
  12. Well if it does become the outcome, us in England will be used to it won't we? shit government fleecing the Sheeple with socialist platitudes, but then that's why the English have no parliament, got to keep the outliers buttered. Personally I believe in hope-there's bugger all else
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  13. I think opinion will quickly go against St Corbyn of Islington when his mates in momentum start smashing central London up on Wednesday
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  14. She's only lost a majority after poor advice. Her incompetence level pales into insignificance when compared to Blair, brown and CMD. They were proper clowns. TM is an amateur in comparison

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  15. Fair & valid summary.

    Blair illegally took the UK to war

    Brown was part of the financial crash

    So far May can only be accused of being wooden, ill advised and uncharacteristic in the media, hardly worthy of comparing with the other two.
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