General Election 2017 - The Consequences

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Auld-Yin, Jun 8, 2017.

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  1. On a serious note. Corbyn reappointing Abbott is the clearest indication that he's refusing to make peace with the moderate wing of the Labour party. The only reason for reappointing abbott is that he wants to be surrounded by his allies. I can't see the peace in Labour holding,,,, I see trouble brewing ahead...
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  2. No surely not:eek:
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  3. One can only hope.
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  4. Yes, and we now know she was far better than TM and her unfortunate comment with respect to being a mother and understanding and caring has now been found to be completely accurate when compared to TM! Make no mistake Andrea was taken out to allow the coronation of TM by people who most probably new how bad TM was but wanted a puppet to dance to their tune - to be fair to TM, I think her harder stance on brexit completely caught her remain supporting supporters (incl. Cameron!) by surprise and must have been a shock for them but the damage to the party for the games they ve played has been significant and self inflicted

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  5. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Today's Sunday Times says she's on ten days' notice to get a grip.
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  6. Screenshot_20170618_175506.png
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  7. what and then exactly what the conservatives don't want happens.
    What are the odds on May still being there?
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  8. election.jpg Spectacle.OZ8284.png
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  10. Property is theft, comrade. Come the revolution we must return it to the people!

    Then when those filthy bourgeois pigdogs leave in droves, taking their wealth, business and jobs with them and our economy collapses like a badly made souffle (see also: Venezuela) it is obviously the fault of capitalisim and not our naked theft.
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  11. What's clear now is that Corbyn is no longer in election mode and back to his usual self of making absurd suggestions . He managed to survive an election campaign without suggesting a mong esque idea. But now Comrade Corbyn is back....
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  12. And yet Corbyn and Labour now enjoy a 6% lead over the Conservatives in the polls.
    May's approval ratings are now standing at -34%, almost as low as Corbyn's -42 before the election. His approval rating is now zero so a rise of 42% whilst May's is a lowering of 40%.
    The dumb wittery of the electorate, huh?
  13. The Telegraph now tipping David Davis as next Leader. Does he actually want the job, though?
  14. Hopefully his comments and actions from now on are subject to full media scrutiny.