General Election 08 Jun 17

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alfred_the_great, Apr 18, 2017.

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  1. Conservative

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  2. Liberal Democrat

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  3. UKIP

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  4. Labour

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  5. Green

    11 vote(s)
  6. Other

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  7. I won't vote

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  8. SNP

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  1. My Famous Grouse suffered an electoral defeat and left the house thish morning via the heads.

    My depression has deepened...the Nicola that lost her seat wasn’t the dwarf with red hair...not quite sure what time I passed out. I am blaming it on cheap booze from Lidl... but it was nice at the time, and is on the shopping list.
  2. Conservatives have never recovered from the damage inflicted on them by Blair twenty years ago. BTW where does this leave that snake in the grass, at the start of this he was plotting his new middle ground, third way party, at least are we to be spared his smug face again?
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  3. The return of two Party Politics and the meltdown of UKIP and to a lesser degree the LIb Dem voter base has played a big part in producing a hung Parliament. The BBC has just shown an interesting graphic.
    When Gordon Brown lost in 2010, he had 258 seats, only 3 less than Corbyn has achieved this time around. But, Brown only polled 29% of the National vote, whereas Corbyn managed 40% last night.
    So between them, the Tories and Labour hoovered up 83% of the vote, almost returning to the days where the two Parties consistently collected more than 90% of the National vote at General Elections.
    Although I have to keep reminding myself the Conservatives are the biggest party with 43% of the National vote (much bigger than Cameron achieved in 2015), it still seems like a defeat of sorts.
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  4. So she says...

    The woman has no credibility. She failed time and again to meet her own targets in the home office, she makes more U-Turns than an Indycar driver and now she's trying to form a government despite having her arrse handed to her!

    If she has any credibility she'll go and hand over to a cleaner more capable set of hands prior to the start of Brexit negotiations. Failing that we'll be a laughing stock on the continent and it's to them we need to appear "strong and stable."
  5. A reasonable explanation that was offered was that if re-elected it gave them time to conduct a decent Brexit...instead of the present exit.
  6. I think she will definitely step down. Question is. When....
  7. Anything later than the first day of the negotiations would be too late.

    The combined EU must be laughing their chebs off.
  8. Post GE2017

    UKIP Paul Nuttal officially resigns as the Party Leader.
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  9. At least one of the party leaders still knows the drill!
  10. NSP

    NSP LE

    Hello, Brenda!!
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  11. The only cheer I can get from this is that Labour still lost*,The SNP indeyref2 thing will be back in its box for a while and the Tory party will have to discover social media and modern campaigning.

    *no Labour coalition
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  12. It probably didn't help that even he didn't manage to vote for himself in the general election :rolleyes:
  13. But Pyhrrus of Epirus was a fantastic strategist in the Tarentum campaigns. Just a shame about the roof tile in Sparta...
  14. They're aware of those platforms as are many of their supporters.

    They just need to stop saying unpopular sh1t, have the minerals to front the opposition in debate and not elect a leader with all the charisma of a cardboard box.

    The fact she's considering staying is laughable considering the grief she gave Jezza after his leadership challenge.

    Bojo or Davis for PM and quickly if we're to stand a chance of not having a deeply divided Tory party (never mind the rest of the country) in time for the Brexit negotiations.
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  15. Pausing for thought, TM gets the maximum of 12/18 in office with possibly once David Davis a strong ideal replacement.

    Brexit negotiations depending of course.

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