General Duties Marine Vs Officer - Admiralty Interview Board

Firstly, Hello to everyone, hope you are all well.

I have recently handed in my application for the Royal Marine Commando's.
I have been researching into the selection process day by day and have recently been told that with my qualifications, equal to 200 UCAS points; I am eligible to enter as an Officer and was advised it would be a much better route to take.

Does anyone have any experience or advice on the route to become an officer, lifestyle and pros & cons . . . etc? (Compared to a general duties marine)

I am aware that the training is second to none in both cases but I am now interested in changing my entry application to - Officer.
The main difference in the selection process between the two routes, as I understand so far, is the 'Admiralty Interview Board'. Although the whole 3day course will be nerve racking due to the inevitable fear of not passing, my main concern is the aptitude tests in: Numerical fluency, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, along with the questionnaire in which you state your past achievements, experiences of difficulty overcome . . . etc.

Does anyone know where I could get my hands on any aptitude tests in these areas to help mentally prepare? (Websites, literature)

What does the term past achievements refer to? - College, qualifications, or more personal, extra-curricular, (life) achievements.
Would you recommend any steps I could take, to better myself?

One last question:
If one does not pass the AIB, and wanted to join as a 'General Duties Marine', could one be accepted due to passing the Potential Officer Course, without going through the whole process again.

Any help or advice regarding the above questions would be more than appreciated.

Thank you for your time.
First thing you need to realise is that this takes commitment. A lot of the people you meet at the POC and AIB will have wanted nothing except to be a Royal Marine officer since they were about ten.

The Potential Officer Course is harder than the PRMC. As is all the training.

The AIB is no walk in the park either. If you do not have some potential for leadership you will not be able to bluff your way through. They will expect you to know everything on the RN and RM website and have a good knowledge of all three services, informed opinions on world affairs and an ability to express these opinions articulately and without using the word "innit". Reading a large newspaper which has words not pictures on page 3 is essential.

For advice, tips etc see this website Marines

This is no mean feat you set yourself. The Royal Marines are possibly the hardest unit in the entire Armed Forces to gain a commission in (incl. Paras ;) ) purely because of the length of the training; fifteen and a half months. You will not pass unless you really want to do the job.

Best of luck to you. You can also try asking in Rum Ration; they'll be plenty of booties there to help.

PS: don't let the naked roll mat fighting thing put you off!
I'd say that from this post you have good officer potential, you're lost already!

This is the British ARMY Roumor Service. Marines are that way ---->
blueygirl said:
Hello...welcome.....and I suggest you try posting on the RN/RM forum here:

should help to answer all your questions

Good Luck with your application whichever route you decide upon
There are plenty of Ex Bootnecks on here so you dont have to go to Rum Ration.

As stated the training is harder than general duties RM, however If i had my time again I would have stayed in college and gone for a commission.

Lifestyle is a lot better "better class of Totty" better career progression, leadership skills second to none.

Go for it, and good luck
blueygirl said:
Hello...welcome.....and I suggest you try posting on the RN/RM forum here:

should help to answer all your questions

Good Luck with your application whichever route you decide upon
TBH you'll probably get more sense on this forum :D

Bang in for your AIB, prep up, you'll pass or fail, if you pass, good effort, if not sign on as a grav HURRAH

I'm jealous of your opportunity to get to lympswitz in any form :D
I'd give the officer route a bash. I'm starting recruit training at Lympstone next week and would have liked the chance to have had a crack at becoming an officer, but I'm too old (and probably completely unsuitable.).

There was a couple of POC failures on my PRMC and they said it was v. hard.
The commando course as an officer is significantly harder than as a grav - this comes from someone i know who has done both..

TBH, I think if you're set on just being a marine, then you're probably not going to have the motivation to do what's necessary to get a commission. If you really want to be commissioned, then i'd say if you fail AIB, or CTC as an officer, then you'd be best to look at Army Inf commission.

Just my opinion, but i think the two roles (commission vs Mne) are so far apart that if you want to be an officer, then end up being a grav you wouldn't be happy.
Of course, you could attempt AIB, if unsuccessful try for AOSB. Maybe the bar is different?

Do you want to be an officer (any service) or "just" a soldier/marine?

The view that "if I don't get Officer, but I could be one, I'll be a squaddie/marine" may find you asking those "what if" questions and always wishing you were an officer. Although I don't know all that much about Marines, so maybe as a whole they are brighter than the average squaddie?
The fitness standards for POC are much higher than AOSB. Pass the first, you'll pass the second. I'm told AIB is more intensive than what used to be RCB by someone who did both, but that was a while back. All naval officers have to pass AIB, but I believe the Marines expect you to meet higher standards.

The kind of person who becomes a GD Marine is not the kind of person who becomes an Officer and vice versa. f you want to be an officer, you are unlikely to be happy as a Marine, and if you fail AIB and are told not to come back, think about AOSB.

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